The Doctors: Anti-Aging Cactus Juice | Cheryl Tiegs


The Doctors: Sonoran Cactus Juice

In 1978, Time magazine named Cheryl Tiegs The All American Model. Cheryl Tiegs shared her beauty secrets for aging with grace. Now she is in her 60s, and she’s sharing what has worked for her. She said she keeps growing by going on adventures.

The Doctors: Cheryl Tiegs Cactus Juice

Model Cheryl Tiegs shared her love for Cactus Juice & talked about working on "The Celebrity Apprentice. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb /

The Doctors: Pedometer 10,000 Steps A Day

She uses a pedometer to ensure that she takes at least 10,000 steps every day. That means finding ways to walk or run throughout the day.

The Doctors: Cactus Juice

For breakfast, Cheryl simply has a glass of Sonoran Cactus Juice. It contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Olive Oil Moisturizer

You can rub olive oil on the back of your hands for softness and shine.

Meditation Stress Relief

When the stress piles up, Cheryl spends one hour in relaxing meditation.


  1. Russ Robertson says

    I agree with Cheryl and the Doctors, I to have bee taking Cheryls Cactus Juice for 3 years with amazing results. Go to my website and Sign Up for our 6 Week Series on Breaking News Health.

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