The Doctors: 4-Step Hair Transplant Surgery & Plantar Fasciitis


The Doctors: Hair Loss Surgery

Last season, viewer Dave learned about various options to treat his thinning hair. Tattoos, hair transplants, and shaving the head were among the treatment choices he learned about.

He said he got a lot of compliments on his shaved head, but even though he’s kept his hair shorter since then, his hair is still thinning.


The Doctors: Hair Transplant

There is an intensive four-step surgical process that can actually help you naturally regrow the hair on your head.

The Drs TV: 4-Step Thicker Hair Surgery

Dave underwent a six-hour surgery to increase his hair density. The doctors did 2,000 grafts to transplant over 4,000 hairs.

Dr. Paul McAndrews said this procedure is a four-step process: “Taking the tissue out, diseccting the tissue, making the incisions, and then planting the grafts.”


Technicians separate the hair tissues into individual groupings, called follicular units. Next, Dr. McAndrews made tiny needle holes, in which he inserted the follicular samples. Dave was awake for the surgery, and said he couldn’t feel anything.

The Doctors: Hair Implant Surgery

Dave joined The Doctors in the studio to show off his new head of hair. His hair is definitely much thicker, but he totally has male pattern baldness on top.

Dave said he loves his new hair, calling it “one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire life.” It certainly looks more natural than a toupee.

Ask your doctor about surgical hair transplant options in your area, if you’re interested.

The Drs: Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain

A woman said she wakes up with heel pain every morning, but it clears up within half an hour. Dr. Andrew Ordon suspects it is Plantar Fasciitis. Connective tissue connecting your heel bone to your toes creates the arch in your foot and act as a shock absorber.

Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation of this area, caused by flat foot or a highly pronounced arch. Wearing the wrong shoes or running barefoot can cause this problem as well.

Though the Fasciia runs the length of your foot, pain is typically found at the heel spur.

The Drs TV: Plantar Fasciitis Tennis Ball Treatment

This can be treated with Cortisone injections, or you can stretch it out yourself. You can use a tennis ball or golf ball to stretch your arch. Roll the tennis ball back and forth under your arch to get a good stretch. Read about Tennis Ball Headache Treatment.

Dr. Travis Stork said if an activity is causing you pain, you should take a break from that activity to let your injuries heal.


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