Reaction by Viora Radio Frequency Fat Treatment Review


The Doctors: Sagging Skin From Baby Weight

A woman asked The Doctors what to do about the excess skin leftover from the births of her three children. Her name is Kelly, and she joined Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee and Dr. Andrew Ordon to get the skinny on her excess belly skin.

You may need to see both a Dermatologist and a Plastic Surgeon for this problem, Dr. Andrew explained. He said Kelly is in great shape, but diet and exercise won’t correct her loose skin.


The Doctors: Reaction by Viora

Learn about Reaction by Viora, a radio frequency treatment to fight fat and cellulite.

The Drs TV: Loose Stomach Skin Options

Kelly has great muscle tone and took care of her body before, during, and after her pregnancy. The next step Dr. Andrew recommended was a tummy tuck. In Kelly’s case, she could get the results she wants with a less invasive version of the procedure.

Using a small incision, he could tighten the muscles and remove a little of the extra skin. As for dermatology, Dr. Sandra Lee offered some non-surgical options.


Non-Surgical Option for Flat Stomach After Pregnancy

Dr. Sandra recommended a radio frequency treatment using the top of the line machine, Reaction by Viora. This treatment can fight cellulite, tighten skin, and penetrate deeply into the skin. She said it could even help to clear up stretch marks.

Kelly said this sounded like a great option, so they went ahead and did a treatment on her stomach during the show. Dr. Sandra explained that the machine was pulling the skin up like a vacuum.

“Kelly’s a good candidate because she’s already so fit, and we just have this one trouble area,” Dr. Sandra said, noting that Kelly wasn’t interested in doing a surgical tummy tuck.

Reaction by Viora Review

Dr. Sandra said the stomach isn’t the only problem area patients target with these treatments. She also recommended the neck, thighs, and butt as options.

She said the entire process comprises about six to eight treatments, with two weeks in between each. The cost can run around $2,000 for six treatments.

Reaction By Viora Before & After

Before & After pictures showed some dramatic results in both male and female patients whose excess stomach fat and skin were reduced.

Dr. Sandra offered Kelly free treatments for participating in the show. You can ask your dermatologist for details about these types of treatments in your situation.


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