Mother-Daughter Dual Plane Breast Implants & Sagging Breast Tips


The Doctors: Breasts Sagging Non-Surgical Solutions

Kate on Facebook asked The Doctors about the age when women’s breasts stop growing and start sagging. Dr. Andrew Ordon said that most women’s breasts stop growing after puberty.

But in some cases, events like childbirth or menopause can cause the breasts to continue growing, which is not always a welcome trend for patients. “It all depends on how your body is programmed,” Dr. Andrew said.


The Drs: Mother-Daughter Implants

To improve their appearance, a mother-daughter team got breast implants together.

The Drs TV: What Causes Sagging Breasts

He explained that ligaments in the breast tissue hold your cleavage in place. Gaining or losing weight is one factor that can affect breast sagging.

Wearing a bra when you’re exercising or at night can help you prevent problems with sagging. Dr. Lisa Masterson added that the idea of a bra underwire causing cancer is a myth.


“The more support, even at night, that you can give those breasts, the more they’re going to stay up,” she said.

How To Fight Sagging Breasts

Of course, breast implants are one way to enhance a woman’s bust. If you already have a large chest, another option is a Breast Lift procedure. You could also combine a Lift with a Breast Reduction if you wanted to.

Mother-Daughter Breast Implants

Melody and Roxanne are a mother and daughter who like to do things together. But instead of going shopping or taking a trip, they are getting Breast Implants at the same time. This is weird, right?

Melody said breastfeeding deflated her breasts, and noted that she’s been wanting a Breast Augmentation since her teens. When she told her mom about the plan, Roxanne wanted in on the action.

Roxanne and Melody Breast Implants

“I have felt uncomfortable with my body all of my life,” Roxanne said. Melody also wants to look good in a bathing suit.

“It’ll be nice to know that we’re going through the same things together,” Melody said. Roxanne added that she’d be nervous about doing it alone.

The Doctors: Mother-Daughter Implants

Of course, performing these intergenerational implants are The Doctors’ own Dr. Andrew Ordon, and his partner, Dr. Ritu Chopra.

Dr. Chopra did daughter Melody’s procedure, and Dr. Andrew did her mother Roxanne’s surgery. At least they chose age appropriate patients, I guess.

Are they going to have matching breasts after this? The surgeries seemed to go well, as each doctor sized the implants and made the pockets for insertion.

“We’re going to help Roxanne have more fun with her life,” Dr. Andrew explained in the operating room. “That’s what we do. We’re the fun makers.” They should trademark that as a name for their line of breast implants.

Mother-Daughter Breast Implant Surgery Results

Dr. Chopra joined The Doctors onstage to welcome the mother-daughter pair for their post-surgical reveal.

Melody said she wanted a natural appearance, and the pair’s before & after pictures reveal a big change in their bustlines. The women both say they’re thrilled with the results.

Dual Plane Breast Surgery

Dr. Chopra explained the Dual Plane technique at work in the women’s surgeries. “We put part of the implant under the muscle and part of the implant below the breast tissue, to give them a really natural look,” he said.

Finally someone asked a question about the weirdness, and it was Dr. Lisa: “Did you give them a discount, 2 for 1?” Would you ever get breast implants with your mom or daughter? Am I the only one who’s freaked out by this?


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