Hair Conditioner Shaving Cream & How To Relieve Menstrual Back Pain


The Doctors: Female Back Pain & Body Hair

The Doctors OB/GYN Dr Lisa Masterson said she gets lots of questions about body issues and symptoms from her patients, especially during a woman’s monthly cycle. Find out how to relieve menstrual back pain, what to do about excessive female body hair and the hair conditioner shaving cream substitute.

Why Does My Lower Back Hurt When I Get My Period?

Dr Lisa weighed in on a common question about back pain associated with a woman’s period. “The uterus is in the middle of the pelvis, so it actually hits right at your backbone,” she said. As the uterus lining sheds, Prostaglandins can cause pain and inflammation. Uterine contraction can also contribute to pain.


The Drs: How To Relieve Menstrual Back Pain

Hair Conditioner Shaving Cream: The Drs

Do you need to shave, but you're out of shaving cream? The Doctors shared hair removal solutions, such as a hair conditioner shaving cream substitute.

What can be done about these symptoms? Dr Lisa recommended heat treatment, using a heating pad or hot water bottle. You can also try an easy home remedy. Put uncooked rice in a sock and heat it in the microwave. Then apply it to your stomach for pain relief. You can also experiment with placing heat on your back to find the best relief for you.

Dr Lisa suggested avoiding caffeine and alcohol, which make symptoms worse. Exercise can be a big help by releasing natural pain killing Endorphins.


The Doctors: Excessive Female Body Hair

A woman named Shonda said she thinks she is “the hairiest girl on the planet,” and she wonders why she has so much body hair all over. She has tried shaving, waxing, plucking and more, but she can’t seem to keep her hair under control. “Why am I growing so much hair, and how do I make it stop?” she asked.

Dr Lisa said that female body hair can be the result of a genetic factor. But excessive hair, especially in typically male body hair patterns, could be a sign of hormonal imbalance that could be addressed by a doctor. This can also be a warning sign of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Best Ways To Remove Excess Hair: Waxing Vs Threading

“A lot of times it can just be aging, as well as genetics,” Dr Lisa said. She said that shaving is not the way to go, especially around the face. That will create unsightly stubble.

Instead, women may want to go the waxing route or use depilatory creams. Threading treatment can be useful for eyebrows and other areas, similar to plucking hair.

Hair Conditioner Shaving Cream Substitute

For leg hair, waxing, shaving, and depilatories are the best methods of treatment. If you’re out of shaving cream, grab your hair conditioner in a pinch. A Brown Sugar body scrub will prevent ingrown hair as you shave.

You can use a toothbrush to groom your bikini area. Brushing before can loosen the hair follicles, making it easier to groom. Waxing or shaving can be delicate in that area, of course, but maybe this toothbrush trick can help.


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