Foot Botox For High Heel Pain & Julia Roberts Olive Oil Nail Soak


The Doctors: Red Carpet Beauty Secrets

Just in time for the Oscars Red Carpet, The Doctors are revealing the beauty secrets of the stars. Which celebrity allegedly soaks her nails in Olive Oil to moisturize them?

The Doctors asked the audience if they thought the answer was Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, or Angelina Jolie.


The Drs: Julia Roberts Olive Oil Soak

Learn Julia Roberts' Olive Oil beauty secret you can try for yourself. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb /

Julia Roberts Olive Oil Nail Soak

The answer is Julia Roberts. Dr. Lisa Masterson said this is a great way to keep your nails from cracking, breaking, or getting brittle. The Vitamin E in Olive Oil helps moisturize them, and soaking for just a few minutes can give you the benefits.

Stacey Tookey: Botox Foot Injections

Stacey Tookey, a choreographer on the Fox reality competition So You Think You Can Dance, had a Red Carpet question for The Doctors. She heard that celebs are turning to Botox foot injections to alleviate the pain associated with walking in high heels. She wondered if this is safe.


Dr. Andrew Ordon had the answer. Previously, The Doctors addressed the Dangers Of Heel-Less High Heels. But with regular High Heels, Dr. Andrew pointed out that you put a lot of pressure on your heels, which can lead to heel pain.

High Heel Health & Safety

He said that heel pain can be at the front or back of the heel, which is where fillers might be injected to create more padding. Dr. Andrew said the best thing you can do is to limit the amount of time you wear your high heels, saving them for special occasions.

Though Dr. Lisa admitted to wearing high heels on the show and to events, Dr. Travis pointed out that she kicks them off the moment they walk backstage.

Jon Lovitz: Bags Under Eyes

Actor and comedian Jon Lovitz asked The Doctors how he can reduce bags or dark circles under his eyes, without resorting to surgery.

Dr. Lisa shared a quick and easy remedy. All you need is a cold spoon. “Just lay down, put it over your eye, and you will help deflate those little eyeballs, and it feels so good,” she said.

The Doctors: Egg White Meringue Puffy Eye Remedy

Dr. Jim Sears had another Eye De-Puffing Cure. He said you can whip two egg whites into a stiff meringue. Then paint it under your eyes. This will actually tighten your skin, “like a souffle for the face.”


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