The Drs: Should You Try Activated Charcoal? + Softer Skin Tips


The Drs: Activated Charcoal Trend

The Drs: Should You Try Activated Charcoal? + Softer Skin Tips

The Doctors discussed the activated charcoal trend and then shared three tips for softer skin. (Ioana Davies (Drutu) /

The Doctors took a closer look at the new health and beauty trend: charcoal. They explained that raw activated charcoal is popping up in cocktails, juice bars, and even supplements. Dr Travis Stork said activated charcoal has been around since the ’60s but was used to be used to treat poisonings and overdoses. He explained that it binds toxic substances in your stomach and intestines, which can prevent a drug from being absorbed. So there’s a reason to use it medically, but why for other reasons?


Dr Jennifer Ashton said people think we need to “detox” our bodies, but we have a liver and kidneys that already do that pretty well if you live well. It’s just another fad to get you to spend more money. Activated charcoal could actually prevent your current medicines from working, which could lead to further medical problems.

Dr Ashton said, “I may have an MD after my name, but I’m a sucker for a good marketing trend. So I’ll try anything.” She tried a cocktail made with the activated charcoal, as well as a regular drink. She proceeded to rub down her arms with the activated charcoal as well, saying if it makes you skin softer, why not?


The Drs: Tips For Softer Skin

The Doctors then shared three secrets for softer skin, starting by suggesting you use moisturizers that won’t clog your pores. Dr Rachael Ross suggested focusing on oils like mineral oil or avocado oil, saying you can’t go wrong with those. They also suggested opting for cream-based cleansers which help leave hydration levels intact. Finally, avoid super hot baths or showers because the intense heat can break the barrier of skin and you’ll lose moisture.

If you use those tricks, you can make your skin feel sensational. “Sensational” was the word of the day and you can use the word sensational to enter for a chance to win a Gavee Gold by Tiffany Andersen anti-aging skin therapy kit.

The Drs: Million Dollar Payout For Fake Diet Supplement

The Doctors shared their News in 2:00, starting by saying that a diet supplement promoter has agreed to pay $9 million in consumer refunds for falsely claiming his product offered rapid weight loss. According to the FTC, Lindsey Duncan made millions of dollars by capitalizing on his appearance on The Dr Oz Show to promote green coffee bean supplements.

Duncan appeared as “Dr Duncan” and promised weight loss without diet or exercise. The defense says there was no evidence the supplements could be of any use to its users. In October, the Texas attorney general charged Duncan with unlawfully referring to himself as a doctor in order to promote nutritional products.

The Drs: Melissa Rivers Lawsuit

The Doctors then said that Melissa Rivers is moving forward with a lawsuit against both her mom’s personal doctor and the clinic where her mom went into cardiac arrest. Her lawyer told New York Daily News that had doctors acted as physicians for Joan Rivers instead of groupies, Joan Rivers would have been doing Fashion Police last week.

Melissa said, “The level of medical incompetency is almost incomprehensible.”

The Drs: Chris Pratt Vs Chris Evans Super Bowl Bet

The Super Bowl is just days away and all eyes are on a wager between Captain America Chris Evans and Star Lord Chris Pratt. Pratt is Seahawks fan and challenged Evans that if his team beats the Patriots, Evans has to wear his costume and visit Seattle Children’s Hospital. Evans accepted with the condition that if the Patriots win, Pratt do the same at a children’s cancer support center in Boston. The Doctors named Chris Evans and Chris Pratt News in 2:00’s Super People of the Week.

The Drs: Non-Stick Pans & Early Menopause

Lastly, The Doctors shared the item in your house that could encourage early menopause: a nonstick pan. Some nonstick pans are coated with a synthetic chemical meant to repel grease and water. Research shows it may disrupt hormones and trigger your menopause earlier.

It’s called PFOA and the West Virginia University School of Medicine studied 26,000 women, aged 26-34 and found that those with the highest levels of PFOA in their blood went through menopause sooner. Choose your cookware carefully and consider using cast iron skillets instead, but know that the handle can get hot too.


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