Drs: Treatment Plan For Woman Suffering From Severe Psoriasis


The Drs: Severe Case Of Psoriasis

The Doctors reported that approximately 7.5 million Americans deal with psoriasis every day, and some cases are more mild than others. Some cases are extreme, like in Pat’s case. Susan, Pat’s daughter, shared that for as long as she could remember, her mother has had psoriasis. It started on just her elbows, knees, and scalp, but progressed to cover her entire arms, legs, and stomach. Eventually, Pat lost her teeth from psoriasis she can now barely stand or even walk.

Pat has seen at least a dozen dermatologists and tried “everything the medical world has to offer” and nothing’s worked. Pat can’t work and has a hard time socializing because people don’t understand why she looks how she does. Susan desperately wants to help but doesn’t know how, which is why she’s even more concerned about her emotional health than she is the psoriasis.


The Drs: Living With Extreme Psoriasis

Drs: Treatment Plan For Woman Suffering From Severe Psoriasis

The Doctors talked to a woman suffering from a severe case of psoriasis and set up a treatment plan for her. (daquellamanera / flickr)

Pat and Susan joined The Doctors, and Pat said she felt defeated and abandoned. Pat had basically given up hope because she felt like there was no cure for the disease. She said any time she goes out in public, she’s treated poorly because they think it’s contagious.


The Doctors explained that psoriasis is not contagious. Your body actually attacks its own tissues and creates the patches on the skin. It’s not completely curable, but that doesn’t mean there’s no hope.

The Drs: Help For Woman With Psoriasis

Pat and Susan saw Dr Sonia Batra in hopes of some good news. Dr Batra said that while psoriasis isn’t curable, she could certainly help Pat and make it better. Pat shared that she smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, but didn’t think it affected her psoriasis. Dr Batra suggested she cut down on the smoking because it does contribute to her skin condition.

Pat shared that she wasn’t able to afford the more expensive, moisturizing soap, and Dr Batra said if she were able to cut back on the smoking, she could use that money toward soap that would help her skin.

The Drs: What Causes Psoriasis?

Dr Sonia Batra joined The Doctors as well and shared that Pat’s immune system is overactive, so there’s a lot of inflammation of the T-cells that are supposed to defend against infection. They’re basically attacking her own skin, causing the itching and discomfort.

Dr Batra said smoking can make psoriasis worse, so Pat has to cut back or try to quit smoking. The Doctors shared that they would give her resources to help her kick the habit, and Pat said she was on board. Dr Batra also shared that Pat has to improve her diet and increase her activity level, because there’s a strong link between obesity and worsened psoriasis.

The Drs: Help For Woman With Severe Psoriasis

The Doctors reached out to Bistro MD and shared that they were going to give Pat an assortment of healthy meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, delivered to her door for free to get her started. Dr Batra said there’s a brand new medicine that was just approved by the FDA that is meant for those with severe psoriasis. This medicine works on a specific chemical in the blood and is more effective in people who have tried other therapies with no results.

The Doctors asked Susan to help her mom along the journey and help her get her life back and Susan said, “Absolutely.” Dr Stork shared that Pat saw dentist Dr Bill Dorfman for a consultation, and he shared that he wanted to do everything he could to give Pat some teeth to help her chew properly and finally smile again. Pat was overwhelmed with emotion as The Doctors shared that Dr Dorfman would be doing all that for free. Pat said, “I can say this: I’m not alone anymore.”

Do you or someone you know suffer from psoriasis? What treatment plans have worked for you?


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