Drs: Samantha Harris Protein Smoothie + Safe Makeup Hacks


The Doctors: ET’s Samantha Harris

The Doctors welcomed Samantha Harris from Entertainment Tonight and Dancing with the Stars. Samantha said the memory that stands out the most to her was being on the back of a motorcycle with Tom Cruise, riding through the streets of Spain. Samantha also confessed that she recently made some lifestyle changes. She shared a sneak-peek inside her home to reveal how she stays healthy and fit. To make sure her family eats healthy, she goes to the farmer’s market every weekend with her family to get fresh fruits and vegetables. She then pre-washes and cuts them, so that they’re accessible and at eye-level to make a healthy choice easier.


Samantha also likes to stick her freezer with frozen, organic fruit, and also likes to freeze her bananas and kale when they’re going bad. To make a protein smoothie, she likes to blend bananas, kale, strawberries, blueberries, almond milk, two scoops of protein, and a good squeeze of flax-seed oil as well as two big tablespoons of chia seeds. It’s a great on-the-go breakfast or quick lunch in between jobs.

Drs: Samantha Harris Protein Smoothie + Safe Makeup Hacks

Samantha Harris from ET joined The Doctors to share a sneak peek inside her fridge, then shared her favorite smoothie recipe. ([email protected] / Flickr)

Samantha said there’s a big difference between healthy and unhealthy fats, and that’s why she loves the flax seed oil. It’s a great smoothie recipe we should all try!


The Doctors: Safe Makeup Hacks

Next, The Doctors took a closer look at popular beauty DIY’s to determine whether they were safe or dangerous. First, Dr Jennifer Ashton took on the issue of a broken compact, explaining that you can take a couple drops of rubbing alcohol and put it over the fractured powder or blush. Then cover it in plastic wrap and let it dry. When it dries, it’s ready to use!

The Doctors: Crayons As Makeup?

Next, The Doctors explained that Crayons are being promoted as a cheap way to do your makeup. People are putting colored pencils in water to use as eyeliner and crayons mixed with coconut oil or petroleum jelly to make lipstick. The Doctors explained that just because it’s considered “nontoxic” doesn’t mean it’s okay to use on your skin. You can develop a severe reaction because it wasn’t developed to be used tha way.

Crayolla issued a statement saying “Although our products are nontoxic, we do not recommend using them to make lipstick, eyeliner, or other makeup and strongly discourage their use in this manner. They are not designed, tested, or approved for this purpose.”

The Doctors: Renew Your Mascara

Next, Dr Ashton explained that if you pump your mascara, it actually dries it out. Instead, use a couple saline drops to renew your mascara. It even makes it silky! Silky was the word of the day and you can use the word silky on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a Kaplan MD Winter Essentials Skincare Kit, retailing for $185.


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