Drs: Ronda Rousey Fat-Shamed? + Amber Rose Body Confidence


The Doctors: Best Friends Undressing In Front Of Each Other

The Doctors welcomed the queen of social media, Amber Rose to the show to help them talk about various hot headlines. First, are you comfortable enough to show your naked body to your friends? Amber said yes, because she’s comfortable with her body. BuzzFeed wanted to test it out so they brought in different best friends and asked them to get naked in front of each other. All of htem laughed, one even high-fived, and then they even began checking out each other’s bodies. Dr Travis Stork said they’re all female best friends, and men aren’t going to do that.

Dr Rachael Ross said it’s partly because of Amber Rose that women are becoming more comfortable with their bodies.


The Doctors: Ronda Rousey Fat Shamed

Drs: Ronda Rousey Fat-Shamed? + Amber Rose Body Confidence

Ronda Rousey has been the victim of fat shaming and online bullying, but she’s not taking it sitting down. ([email protected] / Flickr)

The Doctors then moved on to share that martial artist Ronda Rousey has actually become the subject of online bullying and even fat-shaming. Ronda said “I swear to GOD, if anyone calls me fat one more time in my life, I’m going to kill them… If I can represent that type of body type of women that isn’t represented so much in media, then I’d be happy to do that.”


She’ll be featured in the upcoming “Shape” magazine. Amber Rose said Ronda is beautiful and so many women look up to her. Amber said the key to putting an end to bullying is for women to help other women. Women need to show that it’s not okay to act that way.

Amber said she comes across a lot of negativity, but it’s coming from unhappy people. She said she has stretch marks and cellulite on her legs but she embraces it and knows she’s no different than anyone else. Dr Rachael Ross said it’s about becoming comfortable in your own skin.

The Doctors: Celebrities Working Out With Their Kids

The Doctors then moved on to talk about celebrities posting pictures of themselves working out, including one of Chris Hemsworth on the treadmill, holding his baby, writing “the family that trains together, stays together.” Brooke Burke posted a picture of her doing yoga with her daughter. The Doctors said as long as it’s safe, why not?

Do you workout with your kids? If you call chasing him around the house a workout, then I certainly do it with my son!


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