Drs: Quick Morning Makeup + Blue Eyeliner & CC or BB Cream

The Doctors: Morning Makeup Tricks

Celebrities all over the country are posting pictures of themselves claiming they woke up looking beautiful and radiant. The Doctors welcomed celebrity makeup artist Shalina Vadhera, who had the tips and tricks to looking well-rested, even if you got very little sleep. Shalina explained that it’s called “wake-up and makeup.” She had four steps to get you out the door looking fabulous in five minutes. First, to wake your face up, tap all over your face to boost circulation and wake up your skin, creating a glow.


The Doctors: Try A BB Or CC Cream + Blue Eyeliner

Drs: Quick Morning Makeup + Blue Eyeliner & CC or BB Cream

A celebrity makeup artist joined The Doctors with tips to looking like you’ve gotten a ton of sleep, even when you haven’t. (avedaphotos / Flickr)

Second, it’s important to condense your beauty products so that you’re only using a few in the mornings. BB and CC creams are great, and can even be slept in, to take the place of your skin and eye cream, primer, and a little coverage. It’s a tinted cream that you can actually sleep in so you wake up glowing!

For your eyes, Shalina explained that blue will brighten the whites of your eyes. You can use an eyeliner and then blend it to use as an eyeshadow. She suggested making a smoky eye by really smudging the makeup. Lining your waterline will really give you a boost. To take it a step further you can use a blue mascara.


The Doctors: Lip Gloss As Blush?

Last, try using a lip color that you can actually use on your cheeks as well. It’s a blush and a lip color! Apply it to your lips and then place two small dabs onto your cheeks before blending it in to create a gorgeous blush. But still, always remember that even if you can look good without it, it’s still important to sleep! Get your beauty rest to really look fabulous!

Rest was the word of the day and you can use the word rest on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win the BellaBeat Leaf, which can monitor your sleep quality, breathing, and even your monthly cycle, worth $120!


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