Drs: Moisturize Ageless Skin + Kate Middleton Kid’s Mental Health


The Doctors: Declutter Your Closet & Cabinets

Studies have shown that decluttering your home can improve your mood and emotional health. To start decluttering your house tonight, tackle the linen closet. Use your pillow cases to hold the matching sheets and other pillow cases, so you have everything you need right there together. If you struggle to find matching lids for your pots and pans, install a linen rod to hang your lids together so you’ll never lose them again.

Do you have any great organization tips that hve made your life easier?


The Doctors: Moisturizer For Ageless Skin

Drs: Moisturize Ageless Skin + Kate Middleton Kid's Mental Health

Sharon Stone shared a makeup-free selfie at 57-years-old, proving that her one beauty trick has worked wonders for her skin. (kurtbudiarto / Flickr)


Next, The Doctors shared a picture of 57-year-old actress Sharon Stone going make-up free. She clearly has fantastic skin for her age, and she claimed to have been using skin moisturizer since she was 12! Moisturizer was the word of the day and you can use the word moisturizer to enter on The Doctors’ website for a chance to win a deluxe skin care set from Jeffrey James Botanicals valued at $200.

The Doctors: Kate Middleton Promoting Children’s Mental Health

For The Doctors’ News in 2:00, it was reported that on Monday, the United Kingdom kicked off their recognition of Children’s Mental Health Week. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been very involved with Place2B, a charity that helps children cope with challenging obstacles. The 34-year-old released a video encouraging support for children to give them a happy and healthy future they deserve.

The Doctors: Zika Virus Funding & Prevention

President Obama recently asked congress for $1.8 billion in emergency funding to fight the Zika virus through mosquito control programs, vaccine research, education, and improving health care for low-income pregnant women. Consumer Reports also released its list of most effective mosquito repellants which includes brand names Off and Deep Woods.

The Doctors: Gift Baskets For Select Oscar Nominees

Matt Damon earned an Oscar nomination for his role in The Martian but according to The New York Post, the “vampire breast lift” is part of a $232,000 gift bag designated for a select group of Oscar nominees. The “vampire breast lift” claims to be a “procedure which uses blood-derived growth factors to revive rounder cleavage without implants.” Other items in the gift bag include underarm patches or “armpit mops” to prevent visible sweat, and a brand of toilet paper valued at $275!

The Doctors: Cook At Home To Live Longer

For The Doctors’ Prescription of the Day, Dr Travis Stork shared a way to add up to ten years to your life. Start cooking at home! A new study found that those who cook five times a week, are 47% more likely to still be alive after ten years. You can monitor ingredients and portions, rather than constantly eating out!



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    Hi Emily.
    I had started using moisturizers for past 4 years and my skin has improved very much. I feel that my skin does not go dry and hard as it used to be earlier. I would recommend people to go for coconut oil or argan oil. They both are great for skin.

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