Drs: Melasma & Lupus Rash Treatment + On-The-Go Makeup

The Doctors: Aging & Skin Damage

A woman named Tricia explained that she lives in Las Vegas in works in public relations, so she won’t leave the house without putting on her makeup. She’s always around people and cameras, and knows how important her image is. Every day she uses sunscreen, a tinted primer, a liquid makeup, and then a powder, before adding a highlighter. She estimates that she spends about $750 a month on makeup. She has to apply layers of makeup because she has a lot of brown spots, sun damage, and Melasma. She removed her makeup to reveal the true condition of her skin.


In addition to Melasma, Tricia also suffers from a disease that affects her skin but also attacks her entire body. She’s been living with Lupus from 20 years, and all the medicines that she went on caused her to develop all sorts of spots and discoloration. She’s seen several dermatologists, but nothing so far has worked. Dr Gregory Mueller explained that the condition Tricia has isn’t cosmetic, but rather is a deformity. It causes a lot of social anxiety and depression, altering the way she lives.

Drs: Melasma & Lupus Rash Treatment + On-The-Go Makeup

The Doctors brought in a celebrity makeup artist who shared her tricks for getting your makeup done in three minutes while in the car! (auroragb / Flickr)


The Doctors: Pro Yellow Laser For Skin Discoloration

Dr Mueller looked at Tricia and recommended the Pro Yellow laser which goes after blood vessels skin pigmentation. He said it’s a medically necessary procedure that requires very little downtime. Tricia then underwent the procedure right there on camera, and Tricia could already see a dramatic improvement.

The Doctors: In The Car Makeup Tips

Next, The Doctors called in Shalini Vadhera, a celebrity makeup artist, who shared her tips and tricks for getting your makeup done in the car, while in park of course! First, Shalini said to find the right foundation shade, use natural light like you find in your car. Remember, hand creams and wipes are necessary to have in your on-the-go bag.

Beginning with foundation, Shalini suggested blending a bit wherever is needed by dabbing with your fingertips. Then, combine products like blush and lipstick, to tap onto the apple of your cheeks and then apply it to your lips. You can then use a smooth eyeliner as both an eyeliner and eyeshadow, but smudging it a bit to make a smoky eye. Finally, to plump up your hair, use dry shampoo at your roots to give you some body. Go ahead and add some lip gloss right at the center of your lips for a little extra pizzazz.


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