Drs: Makeup Adding Years To Appearance + Younger Looking Makeup Tips


The Drs TV: Makeup Adding Years To Your Face

The Doctors shared that one in three women will not leave the house without makeup. But could the makeup you’re wearing actually be aging you instead of improving the way you look? Dyan shared that she’s addicted to her makeup and can’t live without it because she danced for the WNBA. She said she’s on a mission to find the perfect makeup because her career requires her to wear false eyelashes, a lot of blush, mascara, and eye shadow. She said she never learned how to properly apply makeup and will often wear her stage makeup when she goes out.

The Drs: Makeup Adding Years To Appearance + Younger Looking Makeup Tips

The Doctors talked to a woman who admitted that her makeup was adding years to her appearance and gave her a “make-under.” (originalpunkt / Shutterstock.com)


Her husband tells her she looks like a raccoon and her daughter agrees with him. Dyan explained that she’s probably spent about $1,000 on lipstick and she still can’t get it right. She knows that her makeup makes her look old and said if she wears her hair down, she looks even older. She said she wants to learn how to make the transition from full performance makeup to more casual day-to-day makeup. The Doctors shared that Dyan is actually getting a make-under.

The Doctors: Make-Under Transformation

The Doctors welcomed Dyan to come out and show off her incredible “make under” and she honestly looked a lot younger. Bebe Booth, a celebrity makeup artist, explained that less is more as you get older. She suggested using a neutral brown shadow rather than a dark black. She also used a tinted moisturizer and said it gives you a more youthful appearance, because oftentimes foundation will get into every “nook and cranny” of your face.


Dr Drew Ordon and Dr Stork said the “less is more” statement can also be applied to plastic surgery. Know that a little work is okay, but you don’t want to take it too far.


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