Drs: Makeover For Woman Helping Fight Domestic Violence

The Doctors: Empowering Women To Fight Domestic Violence

The Doctors introduced a woman who is empowering women to fight back against domestic violence. She revealed that over 15 years ago, she was drugged and attacked by someone she had known for many years. The morning after, she told her friend but no one believed her. It weighed on her and she kept getting madder, which is why she created her own group called “Pissed Off Chicks.” The group works hard to teach people self defense, and provides resources and tools for women to use to get help.


She was working diligently with her group until about 5 years ago when she was diagnosed with a serious medical condition. A doctor told her she tested positive for a cancer gene and recommended a total hysterectomy. The surgery didn’t go well, and she was stuck at home for five days, until she was back in the hospital. She had a lacerated bowel, and had to undergo a bowel resectioning, leaving her in the hospital for ten days. She couldn’t wait to get out in her community and is now working hard seven days a week with her organization.

Drs: Makeover For Woman Helping Fight Domestic Violence

The Doctors surprised a well-deserving woman with a makeover after helping domestic violence victims in her community for years. (apotekhjartat / Flickr)


The Doctors: Surprise For Woman Helping Community

Anne and her husband Mike joined the show to loud applause. The Doctors revealed that Anne was actually on the show because they were going to take care of her. They had a glam squad back stage, explaining that her husband Mike nominated her for an entire day of beauty. Mike said his wife is the most compassionate person he’s ever met, and said it’s her turn to get some recognition and help. Anne was brought to tears and Dr Jennifer Ashton said they wanted her to enjoy being pampered, since she dedicates her life to emotional and physical pampering of others.

The Doctors: Makeover For Woman Fighting Domestic Violence

Later in the show, Anne walked out to reveal her incredible makeover. Anne laughed and said she now knows what Spanx are and was surprised to be wearing heels and fake eyelashes. The Doctors then showed Anne what she looked like and her jaw immediately dropped. Anne thanked her glam squad and Mike said she truly looked spectacular.

Ken Paves, a celebrity hair stylist, said he cut off about seven inches and brought out her beautiful blonde hair. Jassica Scantlin, a makeup artist at Blushington, said she used makeup to bring out her gorgeous blue eyes for a “natural glam” look. The Doctors then surprised Mike and Anne with a glamorous dinner date.


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