Drs: Is Face Wash Aging Your Skin? + Harrison Ford Injuries


The Doctors: Could Face Wash Age Your Skin?

Did you know your face wash could actually be aging your skin? It absolutely can if you’re not going about it the right way. Dr Andrew Ordon explained that the skin on your face naturally has a pH of about 5, which means it’s naturally acidic. If you use a face wash that has a pH over 7, it can take away the acidity and dry out your skin and make your skin look older. We all want to keep our skin in great shape! Shape was the word of the day, so use the word Shape on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win the Clarisonic skin care system that cleans six times better than your hands alone.


The Doctors: Mark Burnett Son & UCLA Medical Center

Drs: Is Face Wash Aging Your Skin? + Harrison Ford Injuries

Could the face wash you’ve been using actually be doing more damage to your skin than good? (thecampbells / Flickr)

In The Doctors News in 2:00, it was reported that when the son of TV mogul Mark Burnett was diagnosed with a brain tumor, his family turned to UCLA Medical Center for care. Mark shared that his son was “very, very ill with a growth in his head” and UCLA got him back to where he could speak and walk. Mark and his wife were honored at 2015’s Visionary Ball, which supports the Departent of Neurosurgery at UCLA and celebrates patient successes, just like Burnett’s son, Cameron.


The Doctors: 2015 Inspiration Gala

American Horror Story producer Ryan Murphy was honored at the 2015 Inspiration Gala, which raised more than $3 million for AMFAR, which is the foundation for AIDS research. The event featured a performance by Lady GaGa and a live auction conducted by Sharon Stone. Sharon shared that we have lost 39 million people and we are still worried about the people who are still living with AIDS, which is why it’s important to continue working hard to find a cure.

The Doctors: Harrison Ford Injuries

Harrison Ford was seriously injured when the door of the Millenium Falcon closed on his leg during production of the new Star Wars movie. Then, in March, Ford crashed his airplane on a golf course, causing him to spend a month in the hospital with injuries including broken bones a large cut on his scalp. When talking about the crash, Ford said he has retrograde amnesia, which he explained as a loss of memory access to events that occurred before the injury. Ford has made a full recovery from his injuries and is about to launch a worldwide campaign for Star WarsThe Force Awakens.

The Doctors: Don’t Use Fabric Softener For Your Workout Clothes

For The Doctors’ Prescription of the Day, The Doctors reported that fabric softener can actually do more harm than good when it comes to your workout clothes. Fitness clothing typically has antibacterial, moisture-wicking fabric, and fabric softener can potentially destroy that.


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