Drs: Injected With Snake Venom + Chronic Knee Pain Relief


The Drs: Injected With Snake Venom?

The Doctors wondered how far you would go to look younger, knowing that the answer varies from person to person. But sometimes, the desire to look younger can result in dangerous consequences. They shared that one woman’s attempt to look younger went shockingly wrong when her surgeon injected her with snake viper venom. The botched procedure caused paralysis of her facial muscles that lasted up to a year.

Dr Drew Ordon explained that it actually took place in Romania, where things are a little more lenient. He said it’s a neuro-muscular blocking agent similar to Botox. Once it was injected, it ended up paralyzing the woman’s entire face. The good news is that she’s slowly getting some function back.


The Drs: Botched Cosmetic Procedure

Dr Ordon said you should always make sure you’re getting the real deal before getting any injections because there’s a lot of “black market Botox” out there. Plus, as The Doctors pointed out, the woman was beautiful before. Always see a reputable professional who is using FDA-approved fillers.

The Drs: Avoid Bad Hair Days + Proper Conditioning

Drs: Injected With Snake Venom + Chronic Knee Pain Relief

A woman was left with facial paralysis after being injected with snake venom. (MarijaPiliponyte / Shutterstock.com)


The Doctors then shared that there could be certain reasons why you’re having more bad days lately than than ever before. Dr Ordon said that if your hairbrush looks full of hair, product, and dead skin, you need to swap it out for a brand new brush with non-plastic bristles.

Another problem could have to do with your conditioner, because too many people are over-conditioning their hair. Dr Rachael Ross explained that conditioner is designed for your hair shafts and isn’t supposed to be slathered all over your scalp. You want to avoid product buildup.

The Drs: Better Diet For Healthier Hair

Dr Travis Stork shared that your poor diet could also be affecting your hair, because food fuels the hair product. Try to eat more Omega-3s, protein, and antioxidants, as well as vitamins and minerals to keep your hair healthy and strong in order to give your hair its mojo back.

“Mojo” was the word of the day and you can use the word mojo to enter for a chance to win a Tria hair removal laser.

The Drs: Over-Sleeping Leads To Strokes?

The Doctors then shared their News in 2:00, starting by sharing that a 10-year University of Cambridge study suggests that over-sleeping may be an early marker for stroke risk. Over-sleeping has been previously linked to diabetes and obesity. The new study observed people between 42 and 81 years of age. It was unclear if sleeping for more than eight hours a day was causing cardiovascular problems that lead to a stroke, or if over-sleeping was a symptom of an underlying condition.

Lack of sleep can lead to high blood pressure, which also increases the chance of having a stroke.

The Drs: C-Diff Study

The CDC just released an alarming study on the intestinal bug C-Diff. In 2011, close to 500,000 Americans got sick from from the GI illness. The bacterial infection is found in the colon and can cause diarrhea and lead to a serious intestinal problem known as colitis. Patients who have been in hospitals and are taking antibiotics are most at risk for C-Diff, which accounts for more than 15,000 deaths annually.

The illness is spread through spores and feces, which are hard to eliminate with common cleaners.

The Drs: Kristen Bell Natural Lifestyle

The Doctors shared that Kristen Bell made news when she spoke out about the need for parents to vaccinate their children. She recently did a photo shoot for Natural Health Magazine and said she believes white sugar is toxic. By giving it up, she’s in better post-pregnancy shape.

Bell also shared that she has a commitment to living a natural lifestyle and cooking is one of her favorite activities.

The Drs: Chronic Knee Pain Relief

The Doctors shared a prescription for those with chronic knee pain. Dr Stork said the secret for eliminating the pain could be found in your butt. The butt muscles are the main external rotaters of your femur bone, keeping your legs properly aligned. The problem is that we sit on our butt a lot, which can cause weakness and pain. As much as you can, do some butt building exercises like squats.


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