Drs: Help For Teen With Juvenile Gigantomastia + Size K Breasts

The Doctors: Bill Engvall Kidney Stones

Comedian Bill Engvall joined The Doctors, and began by discussing his recent struggle with kidney stones. “I would not wish this pain on the devil himself,” Bill stated.

Bill shared that he was screaming in pain and ripping holes in the bed sheet when the nurse told him he now knew what childbirth was like. He said to the nurse “then m’am, you’re stupid” saying if that’s what it’s like, then no one should give birth. Dr Jennifer Ashton stated that she’s had two children and kidney stones, and believes kidney stones are “infinitely more painful than childbirth.” Thankfully, he was given a shot to help with the pain, but that was just one ordeal for him in the last year. He also had his knee replaced and then got shingles.

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