Drs: Help For Teen With Juvenile Gigantomastia + Size K Breasts


The Doctors: Bill Engvall Kidney Stones

Comedian Bill Engvall joined¬†The Doctors, and began by discussing his recent struggle with kidney stones. “I would not wish this pain on the devil himself,” Bill stated.

Bill shared that he was screaming in pain and ripping holes in the bed sheet when the nurse told him he now knew what childbirth was like. He said to the nurse “then m’am, you’re stupid” saying if that’s what it’s like, then no one should give birth. Dr Jennifer Ashton stated that she’s had two children and kidney stones, and believes kidney stones are “infinitely more painful than childbirth.” Thankfully, he was given a shot to help with the pain, but that was just one ordeal for him in the last year. He also had his knee replaced and then got shingles.


The Doctors: 19-Year-Old With Size K Breasts

Drs: Help For Teen With Juvenile Gigantomastia + Size K Breasts

Deanna has been held back from doing what any normal teenager would do, because of her abnormally large breasts. (skullyfm / Flickr)


Next, a 19-year-old girl named Deanna shared her story. Since she was just 10-years-old she’s hard very large breasts. When she got into middle school she wanted to play volleyball but had to quit because of her breasts, which she’s also teased for. She had to wear a lot of jackets to cover her unavoidable cleavage and would go entire days without talking to anyone because of bullying and lack of self confidence. By the time she got to high school, her breasts were a size double K. She now struggles with back and shoulder pain and can’t stand for long periods of time. She also can’t sleep without a bra. She’s been experiencing breast pain in the last few weeks and is terrified of the thought of breast cancer. Deanna admitted sometimes she’d just rather have no breasts at all.

The Doctors: Help For Teen With Juvenila Gigantomastia

Deanna traveled from North Carolina to see Dr Kristi Funk. Deanna’s mom had breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy, so Dr Funk wanted to conduct a thorough exam to determine Deanna’s risk. To find out how much weight Deanna was carrying around from her breasts alone, Dr Funk weighed them, revealing a 9.8 pound result.

Dr Funk then explained to Deanna and her mom, that having breasts that size is known as juvenile gigantomastia, which is unpreventable. The good news is that there was no sign of breast cancer.

Deanna and her mom Teresa then joined the show, as Dr Jennifer Ashton pointed out that Deanna’s case is a lot more than just physical, but emotional as well. Her condition caused her to have to stop playing sports and miss out on things that a normal teenager deserves.

Dr. Stewart Collins, a board-certified plastic surgeon from Raleigh, North Carolina, explained that he looked over Deanna’s case. He invited her to come to his office, saying that if she’s a surgical candidate, he would perform surgery for free to help with her condition. The Doctors also offered her ten complimentary sessions of therapy through Doctor on Demand to help with the emotional aspects of her journey.


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