Drs: Eyelash Extension Dangers + Toenail Fungus & Bunions


The Drs: Dangers Of False Eyelashes

Dr Travis Stork shared that another study has revealed yet another danger for using eyelash extensions. The amount of air funneled back into your eye could be harming your eyes. Your natural eyelashes are about the third of the width of your eye. The length protects your eye from dirt and creates stagnant air. If you have longer lashes, it can sweep dirt into your eyes and doesn’t actually protect them.

Dr Drew Ordon said that Dr Rachael Ross was in violation of the third of the width rule. Dr Ross said she does notice that her eyelashes get dusty when she’s outside, so she brushes all the dust out or else she can wake up with swollen eyes from allergies.


She explained that if you’re a lash extensions person, you usually get the extension redone once a month. When she’s not on TV, she won’t wear the extensions. The problem is that a lot of people don’t take breaks from wearing the eyelash extensions.

The Drs: Painful Feet & Dental Issues

The Doctors then heard from a woman who shared that she’s just 42 years old and she’s already on the verge of being unable to chew or walk. She only has one back tooth left to chew with and her toenails have started to curl inward, painfully digging into the skin. When she was 13 years old, she got braces and headgear to fix her teeth and even her husband said that when he first met her, her teeth were perfect.


She has always brushed and flossed, but over the years she started to get cavities and her insurance didn’t cover fillings, so they would just pull the teeth. About 10 years ago, she noticed her nails getting thicker and growing into her skin. She’s tried anti-fungal treatments but still has to soak her feet before she can even attempt to trim them. She’s been wearing orthopedic shoes for about eight years because no other shoes will work for her.

She volunteers as a crossing guard at a school and loves being around kids. She has kids and grandkids and is worried that one day she won’t be able to get up and walk.

The Drs: Foot & Mouth Health Problems

Drs: Eyelash Extension Dangers + Toenail Fungus & Bunions

The Doctors talked to a woman suffering from debilitating toenail fungus and bunions. (Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com)

Her name is Tina and she joined the show to open up about her medical problems. She said the hardest part is getting up and enjoying activities because walking causes constant pain. Her husband Kevin was in the audience and shared that Tina is the most caring person he’s ever met, so he’s hoping The Doctors can help her.

The Doctors sent her to a foot and ankle specialist as well as a dentist for a diagnosis. The dentist, Dr Kourosh Maddahi, explained that Tina’s mouth is one of the worst he’s seen, and the worst case scenario would be that there’s not enough bone to support the existing teeth that she has, so they would have to pull more teeth.

When she went to a podiatrist, Dr Alireza Khosroabadi, she was in tears because she was so embarrassed about letting people see her feet. Dr Alireza said her feet are in really bad shape, saying that she had fungus in her toenails and bunions on both feet. She smoked for 32 years and Dr Alireza explained that smoking causes a lack of oxygen that can make the toenails curl.

The Drs: Treating Bunions & Toenail Fungus

Tina has a quarter jar that she’s been using to save up in hopes of fixing her teeth. She has saved up about $200 so far. Dr Alireza explained that the bunion requires pinning and shaving of the bone, and said that Tina is the perfect candidate for his procedure. He said he would be willing to do that procedure for her.

Dr Kourosh explained that her entire mouth has to be restored, and he can’t think of a more deserving person than Tina, so he was going to get started fixing her mouth right after the show.

The Doctors explained that they’re offering their services for her completely free of charge.


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