The Drs: DIY Tattoos + At-Home Inking Kits & Sterility Concerns


The Drs: DIY Tattoos

The Drs: DIY Tattoos + At-Home Inking Kits & Sterility Concerns

The Doctors discussed DIY tattoos and why it’s risky for people to use at-home kits to give themselves or someone else a tattoo. (Olga Ekaterincheva /

As The Doctors said, some DIY projects should be left to the professionals. One news station reported that statistics show one in five adults has a tattoo, and now more people are choosing to ink themselves or have someone else do it to them, right in their own homes. Critics warn that DIY tattoos are an obviously risky trend.


According to the National Tattoo Association, it’s not safe. Another worry is that DIY tattoo kits say that you must be 18 years old or older to purchase, but it is impossible to see who is buying online. Young teens could be permanently inking themselves using the kits, or even worse, using DIY methods they got off the internet.

The Drs: At-Home Tattoo Kits

The Doctors were joined by Nicole West, who is the creator of one of the DIY tattoo kits. Her product is called Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit and it includes sterile medical supplies and instructions so that people who choose to do it “can do it safely.” Nicole said she’s tried it on herself, and said the real risk comes from the kits that include a machine. Her kit is like “pointillism art.”

Dr Jennifer Ashton said she was glad to see that Nicole included a page in her booklet about blood-borne pathogens. She said anyone considering a tattoo should know about sterile practices. Dr Ordon said one of the first questions they ask when removing a tattoo was whether it was put on professionally or put on by an amateur.


Dr Travis Stork said the whole DIY trend is scary and if it were up to him, he would obviously go to a professional. He said the key is sterility, because doing it the wrong way can lead to a lot of damage.



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    Really? Like being sterile is the only concern? How about some home DIY scalpels, and syringes…so you can skip going to a professional. And putting this s— on television as if it’s a good thing? Horrible and sickening …you are all destroying my profession one show at a time.

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