Drs: Dermatologist-Tested Skin Care + Cranberry Weight Loss Drink


The Doctors: Dermatologist-Recommended Skin Care Routine

There are hundreds of products that claim to help you fight aging. Dermatologist Dr Sonia Batra let cameras inside her home to reveal what products she uses to take care of her skin. It was stated that Dr Batra wasn’t paid to promote any of the products, but instead just wanted to show viewers what products she trusts for quality skin care. She opened up her fridge to show salmon, berries, whole grains, and vegetables inside.


When she opened her medicine cabinet, she revealed an array of skin care products. In the morning, she starts with an antioxidant, and then uses a mineral sunscreen based with titanium or zinc. After a long day, she uses a moistened microfiber towel to remove her makeup and loves a double cleanse. She begins with an oil-based cleanser to get rid of any makeup left on her skin. She then uses a calming sulfur wash as a water-based cleanser. Two nights a week she uses a prescription retinoid and a peptide-based anti-aging serum on the other nights. She then finishes with a moisturizer and a prescription eyelash serum to aid in eyelash growth.

Drs: Dermatologist-Tested Skin Care + Cranberry Weight Loss Drink

Dr Sonia Batra shared an inside look at her skin care routine to show Doctors’ viewers how she manages to maintain her youthful glow. (bigmikeyeah / Flickr)

Dr Batra also recommended a silk pillowcase, because they tend to be the most gentle on her skin.


The Doctors: Padma Lakshmi Cranberry Drink For Weight Loss

Next, The Doctors explained that Padma Lakshmi revealed one of her diet secrets, something she refers to as “cranberry drano.” She claims drinking it helped her lose 15 pounds. Padma drinks a concoction 3-4 times a day that contains 100% cranberry juice, green tea, Emergen-C, and fiber powder.

The Doctors tend to hate the term “detox” because the truth is that your body tends to detox itself. Secondly, drinking the mixture 3-4 times a day is a lot of sugar depending on the kind of cranberry juice you use. Fiber can be beneficial but too much vitamin C can have a bit of a laxative effect. The truth is that real fruit has most of the same ingredients, so you’re likely better off eating some real fruit while drinking green tea.

The Doctors: Look Better In Instagram Photos

Dr Jennifer Ashton then explained that there’s a big trend on Instagram right now that claims to help you look better in photos. The first tip is to lean against a wall and extend one leg to look taller. It’s also important to do something with your hands, like touch your hair or ear to make the picture seem more natural and less awkward. Or you can pull a Marla Maples and do a handstand!

Confident was the word of the day and you can use the word confident on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win the Me Chic permanent hair removal device.

The Doctors: Healthy, Happy Mother’s Day Tips

In The Doctors News in 2:00, The Doctors shared three tips for making mom happy and healthy on Mother’s Day. First, choose dark chocolate if you’re surprising her with sweets. If you want to take her out to eat, skip the typically unhealthy restaurant brunch and choose a homemade breakfast or breakfast in bed. Third, let mom sleep in luxury by buying her new satin sheets, a new mattress, or a memory foam pillow to promote better sleep and heart health.

The Doctors: George Lopez Foundation Helping Families

News in 2:00 was there to catch all the fun during the George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic. The George Lopez Foundation was created to help underprivileged families facing medical and educational obstacles. The Foundation also works to raise awareness about kidney disease and organ donation, which truly hit close to home for Lopez, who received a transplant years ago.

The Doctors: Life-Saving Self Defense Tips

Before the end of the show, The Doctors played a clip showing viewers a self-defense move that could potentially save their lives. If you’re lying on your back and someone is about to get on top of you, press your feet into the ground and press your hips up and to the side to throw your attacker to the side. Then immediately shift your hips backward and crawl into a seated position with your feet under you, allowing you to run and escape as quick;y as possible.


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