Drs: Death In Cryotherapy Chamber + Cancer Survivor Surprise


The Doctors: Death From Too Much Caffeine?

The Doctors wanted to take on the health ramifications of soda, after a 38-year-old’s 8 liter a day soda habit turned into a deadly cocktail because it was combined with an anti-anxiety medication as well as a liter of vodka a day. The coroners blamed her accidental death on the excessive ingestion of antidepressants made worse by excessive use of caffeine. The point The Doctors wanted to make was that doing anything like that to that much of an extreme can kill you, even water. The woman was likely dehydrated and suffering from other health issues, but the family of the woman explained that she chose to drink diet soda to satisfy her dry mouth that resulted from her medication.


The Doctors: Spa Worker Died In Cryotherapy Chamber

Drs: Death In Cryotherapy Chamber + Cancer Survivor Surprise

The Doctors introduced a hard-working mom who has been living with scars from her breast cancer for 15 years, and had a very special surprise in store for her. ([email protected] / Flickr)

The Doctors then moved on to share news of a 24-year-old Las Vegas aesthetician who allegedly froze to death after entering a cryotherapy chamber in which the temperature can drop to below negative 148 degrees. Medical examiners believe the woman died just seconds after entering the chamber and the device didn’t turn off. Following the tragedy, the business was shut down for not having a proper business license.


The Doctors then welcomed two women from a business called Cold and Thirsty that offeres cryotherapy. Brooke explained that it was a whole-body cryotherapy machine and the user’s head sticks out when inside. It closes with magnets so that you can easily get out whether you’re inside out outside of the machine. Safety mechanisms make the machine impossible to operate by yourself. Brooke said what she thinks happened is that the machine was tampered with in some way for the woman to be able to operate it by herself.

Always research a facility before you go there to try a treatment like cryotherapy.

The Doctors: Cancer Survivor Left With Physical Scars

The Doctors then introduced Linda, a 15-year breast cancer survivor. Two years before her diagnosis, she went through a divorce and had no money. She and her two daughters were living off food stamps and her mom’s student loans. Linda found a lump in her breast and knew she needed to quickly do a mastectomy and the reconstruction was done using tissue from her stomach. She was left with muscle loss and even a lack of nerve endings. Over the years it has led to a protruding buldge on her stomach.

Linda always tried to stay strong in front of her daughters, but when her hair fell out, they all cried together. She’s never had the financial means to have reconstructive surgery, and her daughters hate that they were never be able to do anything for her. Her daughters were brought to tears knowing their mom was the absolute best mom she ever could’ve been. Linda sees the bulge as a constant reminder of her cancer.

The Doctors: Surprise For Deserving Mom In Need

Linda joined the show with her daughters and husband in the audience. Linda explained that she’s dealing with both mental and physical scars and uses alot of compression garments. She met her husband right before she was diagnosed with cancer, and Tom said she’s truly not a quitter and never complains. Lindsay, explained that she was researching online when she came across a doctor in Santa Monica who started a non-profit called Chapter Two. They were taking submissions for people who suffered traumatic events and were in need of reconstructions or plastic surgeries. She submitted Linda’s story and a few days later the non-profit called.

The Doctors introduced Dr Michael Zarabi who said he was inspired by Linda’s story, so on behalf of his non-profit, if she’s a good candidate, he would perform the surgery needed to get rid of the bulge on her stomach. Linda was excited, elated, and humbled to know what was done for her. We can’t wait to see what Linda looks like after the surgery!


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