Drs: Cruel Meme From Makeup Before & After + IUD Subway Ad


The Doctors: Online Shaming

Selena Gomex admitted to seeking counseling after being fat-shamed, while super model Gigi Hadid was fat shamed on the runway. But shaming doesn’t only happen to celebrities. Sorority girls were shamed for taking selfies at a baseball game and a mom was shamed by a flight attendant for using her breast pump in an airplane bathroom. As The Doctors said, it’s so easy to be a coward and shame over the internet. Dr Jennifer Ashton reported that women actually do it more than men and women are actually victims of shaming more than men. “There’s a special place for women who bash other women,” Dr Ashton said. “Not cool.”


The Doctors: Makeup Before & After Turned Into Cruel Meme

Drs: Cruel Meme From Makeup Before & After + IUD Subway Ad

The Doctors spoke with a woman who who’s before and after makeover pictures were turned into a cruel meme. (idhren / Flickr)

The Doctors then showed a woman’s incredible before and after on Instagram, showing off her beautiful makeup. What the woman never even imagined, was that she would become the subject of a cruel viral meme. Her name is Ashley and she joined the show via Skype, explaining that has been suffering from acne and was prescribed Benzoyl, a topical cream, and she ended up having an allergic reaction to it, making her acne worse. She wanted to go out around New Years and had her friend do her makeup. Her friend posted the picture and it was shared a few times, but in July it went viral.


People started commenting saying things like “that’s why you take a girl swimming on the first date.” The meme got flipped from being about a way to hide pimples to having trust issues. Dr Ashton gave Ashley credit just for allowing her friend to post the before and after because that shows her true sense of self. Dr Ashton said makeup doesn’t determine your value as a person.

Ashley made a video on YouTube talking about the meme, saying that comments can hurt a real person.

The Doctors: Birth Control Subway Ad + IUD

The Doctors then moved on to talk about a New York City subway ad that says “You spent the night in Brooklyn, but you left your birth control in Staten Island. Maybe the IUD is right for you.” The New York City health department is behind it, hoping to encourage women to get more information about other forms of birth control. Dr Ashton said she’s for the ad, only because it gets you talking about the IUD, because the more you talk about birth control options, the better. She said the ad is misleading because if you forget to take the pill for one night, doesn’t mean you’re suddenly at major risk.

Dr Ashton then showed the IUD, which has to be inserted by a doctor, into the uterus. It provides 99% effective birth control which is now approved for teenagers. Overall cost-wise, it’s more affordable than the birth control pill and more effective. Plus, it can dramatically reduce heavy menstrual bleeding is FDA-approved for that purpose. But there is a one in 1,000 chance that the IUD can go through the wall of the uterus, so it’s important that a skilled doctor puts it in.

The Doctors: Words From The Window Seat

The Doctors then switched gears to talk about a flight attendant who is going out of her way to make sure that flying is a little more enjoyable. Taylor explained that #WordsFromTheWindowSeat is a social media movement where she’ll take stories she hears from passengers, as well as things she reads, and takes them and writes them on a piece of paper before taping them to the airplane window. She then shares that on social media before tucking it into the seatback pocket for someone else to find.


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