Drs: Celebrity Selfies Affecting Teenagers? + Dog Versus Partner


The Doctors: Would You Choose Your Dog Over Your Partner?

The Doctors were once again joined by Dr Sandra Lee and began by sharing that a recent study found that a large number of people would break up with their lover if the lover didn’t like their dog. Approximately 1,000 dog owners were surveyed and found that dogs pretty much win almost every time. Dr Drew Ordon shared that when he first started dating his wife, she actually had a dog that her ex gave her and that dog would chew up some of his things and would be clearly jealous. But they both ended up staying.

Would you leave your partner if they didn’t like your dog? Approximately 72% of those on Facebook who were polled said yes! Where do you stand?


The Doctors: Celebrities Posting Inappropriate Photos Of Themselves

Drs: Celebrity Selfies Affecting Teenager? + Dog Versus Partner

The Doctors discussed the affect celebrity selfies can have on impressionable teenagers. (lattefarsan / Flickr)


The Doctors then moved on to talk about celebrities posting inappropriate photos of themselves on social media. As they said, it’s known that nudity sells, but there’s truly no mystery left anymore. Dr Rachael Ross said it makes everyday people feel as if they should be pushing the envelope as well. Dr Ordon said he was tired of celebrities posting pictures of themselves “looking like they’re sucking on a lemon.”

Dr Ordon said pictures like that starting a vicious cycle, especially young people. Dr Lee said it distorts reality and has young kids expecting to look more like what they see celebrities posting on social media. Dr Rachael Ross said if it continues, eventually we’re just going to lose appreciation for it. Dr Travis Stork said what’s sexy, is when people aren’t trying to be sexy and just do their own thing.

The Doctors: Teenagers Undergoing Cosmetic Procedures

Obviously celebrities have a pretty big influence on teenagers and now, more teenagers are going in for cosmetic procedures than ever. Dr Ordon explained that a lot of it had to do with the minimally invasive injections like Botox and fillers. Dr Odon also recognized that a lot of teenagers will get cosmetic procedures because of health issues like acne, so you have to take that into account as well. Dr Ross pointed out that Kylie Jenner has practically been flaunting the various cosmetic procedures she’s undergone and she only just turned 18.

Dr Travis, who considers himself to be an “average guy” said that when he sees that “perfect Barbie look,” he actually doesn’t find it attractive. Dr Ross said the boys these days are growing up and seeing girls like Kylie Jenner, and their brains are being trained to think it’s attractive. Dr Lee brought up Heidi Montag who underwent all kinds of cosmetic procedures and now openly admitted to regretting it. It doesn’t help that daughters are also seeing their moms change their appearance, and it affects how they see themselves.

The Doctors: Your Dermatologist Wants You To Stop!

Speaking of cosmetic procedures, there’s some things that your dermatologist really wants you to stop doing, and Dr Sandra Lee was excited to share a few of them. Dr Lee said first, please remember the name of your medications you’ve been using. Second, don’t expect an overnight fix. If you have a problem, like acne, it takes time. Finally, don’t lie and say you’re great at using sunscreen. You’re not automatically covered by the sunscreen in your makeup. Use a regular, standard sunscreen under your makeup.


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