Drs: Celebrity Makeup Transformations + 100 Pound Weight Loss


The Drs: Celebrity Makeup Artist Scott Barnes

Drs: Celebrity Makeup Transformations + 100 Pound Weight Loss

Celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes transformed three women into their favorite celebrities using the power of makeup. (marekuliasz / Shutterstock)

The Doctors introduced celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes, who has been known to produce makeup miracles with his brushes. Barnes shared that he has worked with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Vanessa Williams. He was working with a photographer while going to school for fine arts when he was coaxed into becoming a makeup artist. His first big break came while doing a music video for Jennifer Lopez.


He explained that a lot of magazines coined the phrase “the glow” and said it’s really about his highlighting and contouring techniques that can make it look like you’re under a spotlight or glowing. He loves helping people understand that they are beautiful. The Doctors challenged Scott Barnes to transform three women into their favorite celebrities using makeup.

The Drs: Celebrity Transformation

Barnes’ first challenge was Cachet, who thought it would be fun to look like her favorite celebrity, Kerry Washington. Scott took away darkness with a concealer and then used his highlighting and contouring tricks to transform her face. He also used liner to slightly alter the shape of Cachet’s lips, before shaping her brows and giving her a smoky eye look.


Cachet joined The Doctors and I can easily say she definitely resembled her favorite star! Dr Drew Ordon said Barnes was truly an artist. Barnes said he gets hired to work with the most amazing people, and he has to make their face match their talent.

The Drs: Nose Slimming Makeup Trick

Barnes explained that to make her nose look slimmer, he takes darkness on the outside of the nose and lightness on top of the nose to make it appear as if she had gotten a nose job. He also puts a little lightener on the tip of the nose, which he calls a “boop!” to make it appear as if her nose is slightly tilted upward.

The Drs: Reese Witherspoon Makeup

The Doctors then looked at how Scott Barnes helped Hannah look more like Reese Witherspoon. He put eye drops in Hannah’s eyes to make her eyes brighter, and again used his highlighting and contouring tricks to give Hannah Reese’s heart-shaped face.

Barnes said he was creating bones where there aren’t any by defining the cheekbones and highlighting the high points of the cheeks.

The Drs: 100-Pound Weight Loss

A woman named Lisa then shared her story of how she lost over 100 pounds. She shared that when she was 27 years old, she weighed 246 pounds and was a size 22. It took her two years to lose the weight.

She explained that she was pretty active as a kid. When she got to high school she wasn’t nearly as active, but she was still eating the same. In 2010, she was playing basketball with her dad when she tore her ACL. The injury caused her to gain 20 pounds because she wasn’t able to move much. She knew then that she had to lose weight.

She started to keep a food journal, weighed herself weekly, and drank more water. She also completely cut out fast food and was working out five to seven days a week. Her boyfriend also lost 100 pounds and is now a personal trainer. She said the small changes make the biggest difference.

The Drs: Beauty Transformation After Weight Loss

With the help of makeup artist Scott Barnes, Lisa was transformed to look more like her favorite celebrity, Jennifer Lopez. Finally, at the end of the show, we got to see the results of her incredible transformation.

Lisa joined The Doctors on stage to show off her incredible new look. Lisa shared that felt great and she certainly looked absolutely beautiful!


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