Drs: Burn Victim Attacked By Ex-Boyfriend With Drain Cleaner


The Doctors: Woman Doused With Drain Cleaner By Ex-Boyfriend

The Doctors introduced Christy, and then played the 911 tape of her boyfriend calling for an ambulance saying she had fallen and drain cleaner was burning her skin. Christy explained that she and her boyfriend had an on-again-off-again relationship and he became more and more jealous. She made it clear she wasn’t going to marry him, and began backing away. On a Sunday afternoon, she was called into the bathroom at her house, and saw a lot of water on the floor. She asked what was going on when suddenly her boyfriend throw a bowl full of liquid at her face.


She first felt it burning her eyes, then her face, neck, arms, and chest. She could feel the flesh running off her skin because of the sulfuric acid. She begged her boyfriend to call 911, and the operator suggested that they wash it off with soap and water. He stood over her and told her not to wash it off or it would “ignite the chemical.” She was sitting on the floor screaming, and the last memory she had was in the ambulance when she was begging for him to call her mom. She was in a coma for 2 months and woke up unable to see. Approximatel 20% of her body had been burned and she was completely unrecognizable.

Drs: Burn Victim Attacked By Ex-Boyfriend With Drain Cleaner

The Doctors spoke with a woman who was attacked by her ex-boyfriend two years ago, and is still suffering from her severe acid burns. (militaryhealth / Flickr)

He had told the emergency operators that they were cleaning out the toilet when they both fell, and that it was an accident. Her kids have been affected by it as well, which hurts her more than anything.


The Doctors: Severe Burns From Acid Attack

Two and a half years after that incident, Christy is now helping others. Christy said “I was an attractive woman” and Dr Drew Ordon said “you still are.” Christy said people have a right to be happy and free, and no one deserves that. She’s still partially blind in one eye, but knows that it’s a miracle she’s able to see. She’s had 13 surgeries so far, but non have been cosmetic, only burn reconstructions.

Christy said the man never showed her any remorse, until they were about to sentence him to 20 years in prison. She said “it’s not an apology if you’re still calling it an accident” she didn’t accept the apology, but she doesn’t hate him.

The Doctors: Christy Sims Foundation

The Christy Sims Foundation was started because, although she had a job, she didn’t have enough money to cover all her medical expenses. The foundation was initially started for her, but they “went 5013c” and now every bit of money that comes in, goes to helping other survivors. She said it’s healing for her to help girls age 16-24 know that domestic violence can truly happen to anyone.

Because Christy is still battling her physical scars, The Doctors spoke with Basma Hameed, a micro pigment implantation specialist, who said she wanted to help Christy by donating her procedures to Basma, to get her anything she could need to get her to where she wants to be. Christy was brought to tears she was so thankful.


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