Drs: Budget-Friendly Makeup Tricks + Choose Cash Over Cards


The Doctors: Cheap Makeup Tricks

If you’re looking to step up your beauty game without spending a ton of money, The Doctors had just the segment for you! They welcomed makeup artist Stephanie Navarro to the show to share her favorite cheap beauty tricks. Stephanie was joined by three models who were going to reveal a new look.


The Doctors: Thinner Nose & Fuller Lips Makeup Tricks

Drs: Budget-Friendly Makeup Tricks + Choose Cash Over Cards

Not everyone has a ton of money to spend on beauty and makeup, which is why The Doctors shared great tips for transforming your look for cheap. (idhren / Flickr)

They showed the first woman who wanted a slimmer nose, showing that Stephanie created a play on light using a darker cream concealer on the edges of her nose and highlighting the the bridge of her nose. Then she finished the look with a shimmering highlighter powder, completing the look. On the second woman who wanted a fuller lip, Stephanie explained that she created a “V” look on the woman’s top lip, making it look fuller, as well as placing concealer above her lip to highlight it and bring it forward.

Finally, Stephanie shared how you can lift your eyes using makeup. For deep-set eyes, she used eyeliner, a lot of mascara, and minimal eye shadow. The eye shadow she did use was white to open up the deep area of her eyes.


The Doctors: Cash-Only Diet For A Fatter Wallet

Would you follow a diet that could actually make you fatter? You would if it was a diet that is meant to make your wallet fatter! It’s called the cash-only diet, and it means using cash instead of credit cards because it holds you accountable. Studies show that stress associated with finances is the biggest stressor in 64% of the population. Try the cash-only method so you can have confidence in your spending. Confidence was the word of the day and you can use the word confidence online to enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Target.

The Doctors: Joseph Gordon-Levitt In “The Walk”

For their News in 2:00, The Doctors began by discussing Joseph Gordon-Levitt portraying Philippe Petit, the man who walked on a high wire across the World Trade Center Towers. His walk thrilled New York City onlookers in 1974 and now The Walk recreated that historic event. Gordon-Levitt shared that the idea of walking on a high wire 1300 feet in the air is incredibly inspiring to him.

The Doctors: Boy Died After Eating S’Mores

The Doctors then reported that a Colorado high school homecoming party turned devastating when a 16-year-old student died after eating s’mores. He was highly allergic to peanuts and ate the treat that was unknowingly made with peanut butter cups. The 6-minute ride to the immediate care facility did involve an epinephrine shot for the boy, but he still went into severe anaphylactic shock and the boy was pronounced dead just shortly after his own dad performed CPR.

Parents of the deceased student had been fighting to make schools nut-free.

The Doctors: Marcia Gay Harden & Cast Of “Code Black”

The Doctors also shared that stars of the new CBS show Code Black will be on the next episode of The Doctors. Marcia Gay Harden showed off her newly acquired knowledge of medicine needed to play an emergency room doctor.

The Doctors: Use Toothpaste To Clean Your Headlights

Did you know that toothpaste can actually save your life? Use toothpaste and a towel to clean your foggy headlights, increasing visibility and improving safety while driving at night. Who knew toothpaste was such a versatile product! Just make sure it’s regular toothpaste, without any crystals or other granules because those can scratch the lights.


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