Drs: Bills Of The Deceased + Military Wife Dental Reconstruction


The Drs: Grieving Widow Left With Husband’s Cellphone Bill

The Doctors explained that when someone dies, we think about the emotional side of things, but not the practicalities. Dr Travis Stork said sometimes, you inherit more than grief and can actually inherit debt. He shared how far one widow actually had to go in order to stop bill collectors when it came to her deceases husband’s cellphone.

A British woman is being charged a debt for a cellphone bill after her husband died of cancer in August 2014. The day after his death, their son called T-Mobile to cancel his cellphone contract, but was told he had to provide a death certificate as proof. The grieving widow brought the company the man’s ashes, death certificate, and funeral home receipt to convince them of her husband’s passing, but she continued to be bothered with texts and letters.


Drs: Bills Of The Deceased + Military Wife Dental Reconstruction

The Doctors helped a military wife get the smile makeover she desperately needed in order to surprise her husband.
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The Drs: Dealing With Bills Of The Deceased

The widow said it was easier to bury her husband than it was to get rid of the mobile phone contract. Dr Drew Ordon said you need to plan ahead and list the potential accounts and be ready to cancel them. Dr Travis Stork said if someone passes away, you have to cancel their credit cards and everything else, so the sooner the better.

Like Dr Ordon said, the problem arises when you don’t have the information that the company is looking for, such as passwords, so help your loved ones out and have that information stored somewhere.


Dr Stork said the cell phone company has since apologized, but it should have never happened in the first place.

The Drs: Military Wife With Gum Disease

The Doctors then moved on to share the story of Laurie, a 44-year-old woman who started losing her teeth about 10 years ago. She had three children back-to-back, and then stopped going to the dentist because she didn’t have insurance or the money to go. She’s been suffering from a gum disease and the last four years have been really bad. All the dentists she’s seen have told her she’s not a candidate for dentures anymore because she doesn’t have enough gums left.

Laurie even had to quit her job because of how much pain her teeth were causing her. She said people have even accused her of being a meth addict because of the condition of her teeth. She can only eat things like mashed potatoes, beans, and bread soaked in soup, which has caused her to lose 30 pounds, and it’s taken a toll on her health.

She wants to surprise her husband, who is deployed in Kuwait and has been gone half of their marriage. He will be coming back next year. She wants to feel beautiful for him, saying that if she had new teeth, she wouldn’t be afraid to show her smile, and she’d actually be able to eat.

The Drs: Dental Reconstruction Procedure

The Doctors put together a plan for the ultimate makeover for Laurie. Dr Joe Willardsen, a cosmetic dentist, explained that thanks to implants, Laurie would be leaving his office smiling. They had to first remove the teeth, flatten out the ridge, and then install the implant. Dr Carlos Letelier was the oral surgeon placing the implants. Because of bone issues, Laurie would have to wear dentures for a few months, over the implants in her upper jaw.

The Doctors also sent Laurie to the Sally Hershberger Salon in Los Angeles for a total hair makeover. They invited Laurie to join them on stage and show off her incredible makeover. They showed a side-by-side before and after of Laurie and the results were dramatically incredible. She looked like a completely different person!

Dr Jennifer Ashton said we often think of periodontal disease as a cosmetic issue but it affects you diet, your health, and even your facial structure.

The Drs: Results Of Dental Reconstruction

The Doctors also welcomed Dr Willardsen to the show who explained that it was a very complex case because there wasn’t a lot of bone to work with. He said if she had let her condition continue to worsen for much longer, they probably wouldn’t have been able to do what they were able to do. It took a team of about 20 people to get her where she’s at.

The Doctors knew that Laurie was really excited to show her husband her knew smile. Unfortunately they weren’t able to get Polycom connected for her to see him, but they had him over the phone. Laurie told her husband that she has a brand new smile, and the surgery was done two weeks ago, which is why they haven’t talked in two weeks, but she looks amazing.

The Drs: Surprise Military Reunion

Matt started to say he wish he could see her but was cut off due to a bad connection. Laurie said he comes back in March, but The Doctors surprised her by having Matt walk out and join her on stage. “Oh my God!” Matt said upon seeing his wife. Laurie was shocked to tears. The Doctors then explained that they received special permission to let the couple go on the honeymoon they never had. They were going on an all-expenses-paid, nine-day trip to Costa Rica that even included a tour guide.


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