The Drs: Bidding For Medical Care? + Highlighting & Contouring Tips


The Doctors: Bidding For Cheaper Medical Care?

Would you ever bid on a doctor to perform your next surgery? That’s the question The Doctors asked on their show.

There’s a website where patients can now bid on their medical procedures and “shop around” for the doctor who has the best deal. The site claims that it has saved its users up to 80% on everything from checkups to knee replacement surgeries. Reportedly, over 120,000 people have been willing to use the website to try to cut medical costs.


Dr. Travis Stork shared that the main concern when purchasing something is performance. He said if one place is offering a knee replacement for $4,500 and another is offering to do it for $4,250, he said he just wants to know which one he will walk out of. He said he doesn’t think bidding is a good idea right now because they’re “not transparent enough.”

Dr. Stork suggested doing research on the place you’re looking at, saying he wants to go where they have a 99% success rate, no matter how cheap the other one is. Dr. Jennifer Ashton said because there aren’t unlimited funds, cost will always play a role in our decision making process. Dr. Ashton said you always want to look and make sure it’s a medically accredited facility and make sure the doctor is board certified. She said it’s also good to go by word of mouth, and in some cases, you do get what you paid for.


The Drs TV: Using Makeup To Transform Your Look

The Drs: Bidding For Medical Care? + Highlighting & Contouring Tips

The Doctors invited a celebrity makeup artist to share his tips and tricks to completely transforming your look. (Inga Ivanova /

Dr. Stork then moved on to say that cosmetic surgery has become so common that a lot of times nowadays when we see a pretty face, we wonder what they’ve had done. Dr. Stork then shared before and after pictures of a woman, but explained that she didn’t have plastic surgery, and her transformation actually came from makeup.

Scott Barnes, makeup artist and author of About Face,¬†created the look. Scott explained that for the woman in the pictures, who’s name is Heidi, he wanted to focus on strengthening her jaw-line, narrowing her nose, and raising her cheek bones. Scott said he used concealer to brighten things up and then used dark makeup as well to do some contouring. He then used foundation to go over the contouring that he did.

The Doctors: Highlighting & Contouring To Transform Appearance

The Doctors then shared another incredible transformation using just makeup. Scott explained that for the second woman, he wanted to focus on three things: covering up dark circles, narrowing the nose, and restructuring the cheek bones. He used concealer that had a little bit more yellow in it to cover up the dark circles under her eyes.

He said that the trick to contouring the nose is to change where the light is hitting it. He said it’s like getting plastic surgery without all the pain. He then “carved out a cheekbone” using darker makeup to shape the woman’s face. After concealing and contouring the face, Scott added foundation.

The transformations are pretty incredible, especially considering he only used foundation. As Dr. Ordon said, it’s really all about lighting and highlighting certain areas of the face. Scott was able to use makeup to narrow the nose as well as give the appearance of it being a little raised. Dr. Jennifer Ashton was absolutely amazed and said she wanted to try it.


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