The Doctors: Tips For Weight Loss & Cindy Crawford’s Beauty Secrets


The Doctors: Cindy Crawford’s Beauty Secrets

The Doctors revealed supermodel Cindy Crawford’s beauty secrets. So what’s the secret? Whole milk. Ancient queens would spray whole milk onto their faces to act as a natural exfoliator. The lactic acid removes the dead skin as they apply it. Cindy Crawford does this several times a day.

The Doctors: Voluma Review

The Doctors: Tips For Weight Loss & Cindy Crawford's Beauty Secrets

The Doctors discussed several anti-aging techniques, including the Voluma injection and Nerium AD cream. (Andy Dean Photography /


Earlier in the program, The Doctors talked about the Voluma injection procedure to combat signs of aging. Dr. Alexander Rivkin used the procedure on a woman named Berlin to improve the cheeks and make the face look younger. Dr. Rivkin said that anyone from 30 to 65 are good candidates for this procedure. It’s for anyone who is losing volume to their face.

I don’t know about this, though. The before and after of Berlin looked practically identical to me.

The Doctors: Nerium AD Review

Then Dr. Rachael revealed an anti-aging cream that people could use at home if they didn’t feel ready for an injection procedure. The secret ingredient of this anti-aging wrinkle cream was oleander, which helps to tight the skin and remove wrinkles. When you use a cream like this, you only want to use about a pinky nail’s worth. The product is called Nerium AD.


The Doctors: Weight Loss Tips

Dr. Travis then gave some help to a woman named Julie who wanted to lose some weight. She said that losing weight would help with her confidence. She wants to be able to go out into the world without people judging her on her appearance. Julie said she eats a lot of pasta and quick dishes, but she also walks a lot.

The Doctors: Kitchen Tips For Weight Loss

Dr. Travis said that good health starts in the kitchen. He said if Julie must eat pasta, she should eat whole grain pasta. If she’s going to eat a sandwich, make an open faced sandwich so she lessens her carbohydrates.

He also recommended she read his book The Doctor’s Dietwhich includes meal plan equations to help eat nutritionally balanced meals. He said every meal should have a protein. He said this will help her feel full longer.

Dr. Travis also revealed he’d bought her groceries and presented her with a $1,000 gift card to Whole Foods.


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