The Doctors: Red Bumps On Legs & Joint Pain + Treating HSP


The Drs: Mysterious Red Bumps On Legs

The Doctors shared that their guest went 22 years with perfect skin, which is why when sores started popping up all over, she was incredibly shocked. About three months ago, she noticed she had bumps on her lower legs that looked like bug bites. She saw the doctor and tried cream, but they kept getting worse. They eventually became pus-filled pockets that were draining and hurting. She also had severe joint pain in her knees and ankles and had stomach pain at night.

The Doctors: Red Bumps On Legs & Joint Pain + Treating HSP

The Doctors help verify a diagnosis of HSP that has caused red bumps and severe joint pain for a young woman, and shared treatment options. (AXL /


She went to the emergency room and they thought it was meningitis. She was put into a quarantined room and had to put a mask on. They did a ton of blood work and realized that it wasn’t meningitis, but instead was possibly HSP. She said the doctor even hardly knew was HSP was and did research online before telling her it would go away on its own, although it hasn’t.

She said the flare-ups happen at least once a week and vary in severity. She said she feels ugly and it brings her self-esteem way down.

The Drs: Henoch-Schonlein Purpura (HSP)

Her name is Chantel and she said it’s hard to see herself going through the process. Dr Batra did a biopsy and found that there was inflammation of the blood vessels consistent with Henoch-Schonlein Purpura, or HSP. HSP is a rare condition that causes inflammation and bleeding around the small blood vessels, predominantly affecting the skin, and appearing as little bruises.


Dr Batra explained that it can also affect the joints as well as the intestines. In up to half of those who have HSP it can affect the kidneys, causing long-term danger. The odd thing is that, while it can affect anyone, it predominantly affects kids.

Chantel had actually recently had a viral illness and the body’s immune system can go into overdrive to fight the infection, but instead got lodged in the blood vessels, causing the inflammation. It’s not infectious, and the good news is that it does go away.

The Drs: Treating HSP

Dr Batra suggested anti-inflammatory medications for joint pain and stomach pain, as well as steroids to decrease inflammation in the blood vessels.

She suggested a prescription medication that should help clear it up in a few weeks and prevent it from coming back. She also wants to make sure that if it does come back, Chantel will know what to do. The Doctors reached out to a doctor near Chantel who agreed to help her and guide her through the treatment process.


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