The Doctors: Everyday Habits Hurting Skin + The Angelina Jolie Effect


The Doctors: Everyday Habits That Can Hurt Skin

The Doctors: Everyday Habits Hurting Skin + The Angelina Jolie Effect

The Doctors shared everyday habits that could be damaging your skin, like wearing perfume or cologne. (Ievgeniia Miroshnichenko /

Dr. Ordon revealed three everyday habits that could be taking a big toll on your skin on The Doctors.


The first thing was your perfume. Dr. Ordon explained that most perfumes have an alcohol base, and we know that’s very drying. Plus, the scents in perfumes or colognes may irritate your skin and make you more sensitive to the sun.

The second thing is blasting the AC or using the overhead fan because it dries out your skin. He said it takes the humidity out of the air, causing your skin to dry out. Keep the humidity somewhere between 30 and 50%.

The Drs TV: For Healthy Skin, Don’t Skip A Meal

The third thing was do not skip a meal! If you skip a meal, you may binge and eat the wrong thing or you may dehydrate.


Dr. Ordon said he thinks that everyone, men and women, should get involved in a good skin care routine. He said the routine begins with cleansing, and cleansing was the word of the day!

A great way to exfoliate and cleanse your skin is by using the Soniclear system. Dr. Ordon gave everyone in the audience the Soniclear system.

The Drs TV: The Angelina Jolie Effect

For The Doctors New in 2:00, The Doctors talked about Angelina Jolie, who in 2013 after finding out she had a rare gene that increased her risk of getting breast and ovarian cancer. She elected to get a bilateral mastectomy. Since sharing her story with the world, there’s been an 80% increase in genetic counseling at genetic research clinics in the U.K. Researchers call the upswing “The Angelina Jolie Effect.”

Researchers believe that Jolie may have lessened fears about a loss of feminine identity post preventative surgery.

The Doctors: Enterovirus D-68 Spreads

The Doctors then shared that Enterovirus D-68, the respiratory virus sending children to the hospital, continues to spread all over the United States and has now effected children in 19 states. California saw its first cases of the virus last week. Symptoms are similar to the common cold and most people recover on their own, but children with preexisting asthmatic symptoms may be more prone to the virus.

There is no vaccine against the virus so the best practice to prevent it is simply to practice good hygiene.

The Drs TV: Demi Lovato Touring With Motivational Speaker

The Doctors shared that Demi Lovato is embarking on her world tour, and instead of having a musical warmup at, Lovato will have Spencer West, a motivational speaker who lost both his legs at a young age.

Demi said she realized what an amazing person he is, and decided to bring him on tour after working with him on Free The Children.

The Doctors: Feet Outside Covers For Better Nights Sleep

It was finally time for The Doctors prescription, and Dr. Travis Stork asked how many people want to have a good night’s rest tonight. He said to consider sleeping with your feet outside the covers. Experts agree the key to a good night’s rest is body temperature. Just one foot out of the covers may help you get a better night’s rest.


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