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The Doctors: Banish Cellulite

Cellulite is one of those pesky beauty problems that never seems to have a perfect solution. But that may be changing, thanks to a new FDA approved procedure that can fight Cellulite after just one treatment.

The Doctors sent viewer Marie to give this procedure a try. She has suffered from Cellulite for years, and it seems to run in her family. The old school vibrating belt from the early- to mid-20th century didn’t accomplish anything for her self-proclaimed Cottage Cheese problem.


It’s not that Marie is out of shape, either. She has run three marathons and exercises regularly, but she can’t seem to shake her cellulite

The Doctors: Cellulase

Finally, the FDA has approved a long lasting treatment to fight Cellulite from the inside out.

Cellulaze Review

Plastic surgeon Dr. Christine Petti explained that genetics is a prevalent factor when it comes to Cellulite. Past treatments have focused on the surface, giving patients only temporary results.


But a new FDA approved procedure only requires one treatment to give longer lasting results. Dr. Petti marked treatment areas, where bands have caused skin dimpling.

Cellulase treatment takes multiple approaches to this problem. First, it smoothes the fat. It also stimulates collagen, “to get increased skin thickness and increased elasticity.”

Cellulaze Single Treatment For Cellulite

Six days after the procedure, Marie reports she is recovering but still bruised. Dr. Petti said this is the world’s first FDA approved, minimally invasive Cellulite treatment. It works by attacking the anatomy that causes Cellulite.

Connective tissue is supposed to contain fat, but Cellulite allows the fat to escape to the surface level. Cellulase helps strengthen that tissue layer, keeping skin smooth.

Dr. Petti showed the laser light tool used in this procedure, that breaks through the fat bands as well as applying heat to thicken the skin.

The Drs TV: Cellulaze Results

According to Dr. Petti, results will show up over several weeks or a few months. Studies found a 25% Collagen increase, for thicker skin, and 29% more Elastin, which makes for a smoother look.

Before and After pictures demonstrated the results Marie is hoping to see in the end. “This is one of a kind, because it actually attacks the anatomy of cellulite,” Dr. Petti said.


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