Boots Day & Night Skin Cream & No. 7 Protect & Perfect Serum Reviews


The Doctors: Stress and Skin

When you think about all the ways stress can affect your life, have you thought about how it damages your skin? Dr Andrew Ordon and dermatologist Dr Glynis Ablon explained what you can do about that.

The Drs: What Is Skin Made Of?

Dr Ablon compared skin to a mattress, which begins to sag and compress over time. Skin is made up of three primary components:

  • Collagen – form, firmness & strength
  • Elastins – flexibility
  • Peptides – strengthens skin

Dr Andrew Ordon explained that Collagen breaks down as part of aging, leading to reduced skin volume.

The Doctors: Kiki Vandeweghe’s Wife Peggy

The Doctors: No. 7 Protect & Perfect Serum Reviews

The Doctors shared Boots skin cream and No. 7 Protect & Perfect Serum reviews of tested, award winning beauty products.

NBA wife Peggy Vadeweghe wanted advice from The Doctors about her skin. As she ages gracefully, she is looking for new ideas to avoid fine lines and bags.


The Doctors invited Peggy to be in the studio audience and learn some tips from Dr Ablon.

No. 7 Protect & Perfect Serum Review

Dr Ablon said busy women want to find products that work and don’t take a lot of time. She recommended a serum, such as Boots No. 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum.

“It’s actually clinically proven to treat deep lines and wrinkles, and improve them,” Dr Ablon said. She said it also won an Anti-Aging award from Good Housekeeping.

The Doctors: Boots Day & Night Skin Cream Reviews

Keeping your skin healthy in the long term means protecting it from the sun during the day and moisturizing it at night. The skin will naturally become drier and begin to prematurely age, but moisturizer keeps it hydrated and looking healthier and younger.

Dr Ablon also recommended Boots Day and Night Creams. Boots Day Cream has an SPF protection of 15, and Boots Night Cream contains a Pro-Retinol moisturizer with Vitamin A.

“Pro-Retinol encourages mature skin to behave more like younger skin,” Dr Ordon said. “It helps boost skin’s elasticity and gives it a more youthful look.”

Dr Ablon said these products are available in Target stores, but she also gave free products to the show’s studio audience.

The Drs: British Dog Wedding

Dogs love to be active and expressive, and they don’t take the little things for granted. A talking dog advised the team to “stop and sniff the roses.”

Dr Travis Stork wondered if it’s possible to spend too much on pets, citing a dog wedding in Great Britain that racked up a $32,000 tab.

But laughter and jokes are a great thing we can take away from pet behavior for lower stress and increased happiness.



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  2. Mary Ann Hanaman says

    Watched Dr.Phil today Boots No.7 was shown on guest-said there was a deal for us.Is there a change I can get the deal he gave the audience-I have yet to buy anything that works. I would be your BEST advertizement I am a senior -can you help-Tks

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