Why Does Pregnancy Give You Gas?


The Doctors: Pregnancy Horror Stories

One woman said pregnancy turned her from a vegetarian to a carnivore. Her most intense craving during pregnancy was meat. I wish The Doctors would investigate the psychology of pregnancy cravings sometime. She admitted that she once enjoyed steak and waffles with steak sauce and syrup.

Another woman threw up during her C section, which she said was unpleasant. She said her doctors used the same type of suction you find at the dentist’s office to evacuate the vomit while she was in labor.


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The Drs: Pooping During Pregnancy

75% of women will poop during childbirth, and it is nothing to be self-conscious about.

Pooping During Childbirth

Yet another pregnant woman said she was starving while in labor. Even though she was not supposed to eat anything until after delivery, her mother snuck her a sub sandwich snack just before the birth, creating an embarrassing fecal mess during delivery.


Dr. Lisa Masterson said 75% of women poop during delivery. But she said you shouldn’t be self-conscious about it. Doctors won’t notice, as long as mother and baby are healthy.

The Drs TV: Pregnancy & Gas

A future father said his wife is extremely gassy now that she is pregnant. He wondered why pregnancy affected her so much, causing dramatic burps and farts. Gassy future mom Jessie was in the audience. She is 25 weeks pregnant with her first child.

Dr. Lisa said that gas during pregnancy is very common, due to increased levels of Progesterone. This can trap air in the intestines, causing excess gas.

How To Relieve Pregnancy Gas

“That’s absolutely normal and natural, and nothing to be embarrassed about. It happens to almost all pregnant women,” Dr. Lisa said.

She suggested some ways you can decrease your gas production during pregnancy. They included avoiding carbonated beverages and foods that cause gas, such as broccoli. Also, eating smaller meals multiple times throughout the day will give your digestive system a chance to catch up.

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