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The Doctors: Movie Medical Advice

Dr. Travis Stork said movies can be exciting and entertaining, but they don’t always get medical advice right. Today The Doctors explained the right and wrong ways to treat common movie medical ailments.

The Doctors: When To Make A Tourniquet

The Doctors: Movie Medical Myths

The Doctors debunked Movie Medical Myths about what to do in an emergency, when you are impaled or severe a finger.


The Doctors showed a re-enactment of a man making a Tourniquet for his wounded arm. But Dr. Travis said you don’t need to put a Tourniquet on just any wound. In fact, this can prevent blood flow and eventually cause your limb to die.

“If you come upon someone who is bleeding from a wound, you want to locate that wound,” Dr. Travis said.

How Does A Tourniquet Work

Using a dummy, Dr. Travis and Dr. Jim Sears demonstrated the right things to do. Of course you should wear gloves if possible when dealing with someone who is bleeding. Especially if a wound is squirting blood, find the source and apply pressure to the wound.


Dr. Travis warned that if you apply pressure, then let go, the bleeding will resume. The same thing happens if you just put something on top of it. Pressure is the key, and it needs to be maintained until help arrives.

Don’t Put Severed Finger On Ice Without Placing in Plastic Bag

The next movie re-enactment featured a woman who severed her finger while slicing vegetables. Should you put a severed finger on ice?

Dr. Andrew Ordon joined Dr. Travis to reveal that this common movie practice is not good medical advice. “You should never want to put any severed body part directly on ice,” he said.

He said the best thing to do is wrap the severed body part in gauze and seal it in a plastic bag. Then put it in a mix of ice and water.

“The reason that you’re putting it in this ice bath is because it’s preservation,” Dr. Travis added, saying this is the same way transplant organs are transported.

What To Do If You Are Stabbed Or Impaled

It’s a classic horror movie scenario. A masked intruder attacks, stabbing you with a knife. Should you pull it out?

The Doctors said that when you are impaled with a large object, your instinct is to pull it out. But most of the time, you should leave it in your body.

“I’ve taken care of the most bizarre and crazy objects you could ever imagine,” Dr. Travis said, including tree branches and crowbars.

Why You Shouldn’t Remove Impaled Objects

He explained that leaving the object in controls the bleeding. Removing the object could cause you to bleed to death. It’s best to call 911 and get medical intervention. Meanwhile, stabilize the object so it isn’t moving around.

Medical professionals will be able to safely control the removal and manage your bleeding as well as preventing further internal damage.

How to Remove Small Glass Shards

Dr. Jim said he deals with parental concerns about small objects like glass that their kids have come in contact with. He said that if it is a small object, it’s probably fine to remove it with sterile tweezers or a needle.

Sometimes a piece of glass can be invisible, but you can use a lighted magnifying glass or flashlight to locate a small shard. Large pieces should be left to EMS or doctors at the ER.

“Don’t believe everything you see in the movies,” Dr. Travis said.


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