VOCs in Carpet, Formaldehyde in Particle Board & Dry Cleaning Fumes


The Doctors: Carpet Releases Dangerous VOC’s

Parents know to keep their children away from harmful cleaning chemicals, but there are some surprising household products that Dr. Jim Sears said can also be releasing fumes.

The glue and dyes in your carpet are known to emit VOCs. Dr. Sears recommends looking for carpet manufacturers that make lower VOC products, and keep newly carpeted areas well ventilated.


VOCs in Carpet, Formaldehyde in Particle Board & Dry Cleaning Fumes

There are some household products that you’d never suspect could be harmful to you, like new carpet. Make sure new carpet is well-ventilated and has a chance to air out before your kids play on it.

Dr. Travis Stork said that if you walk into a room with new carpet and it smells funny and starts to make you dizzy, don’t ignore it. Open up windows and try to air the room out.

The Doctors: Particle Board and Formaldehyde

Anything made out of pressed wood like cabinets most likely contains formaldehyde in the glue that holds the particles together. Try to buy furniture made out of real hardwood, not processed wood. If you do opt for particle board, make sure it’s formaldehyde-free.


The Doctors: Moth Balls Can Damage Red Blood Cells

What keeps moths from eating your sweaters could be releasing harmful fumes into the air. After prolonged exposure to naphthalene, a main ingredient in moth balls, your red blood cells can become damaged or destroyed. Instead, use cedar which is a natural alternative.

The Doctors: Air Out Your Dry Cleaning

Throwing your dry cleaning into your closet may also be a no-no. Dry cleaning is done with perchloroethylene, which the EPA classifies as a possible to probable carcinogen when breathed in.

Your clothes are probably fine, but if you keep the plastic on your clothes it just traps the fumes in your closet. Dr. Sears said you should take the plastic off your dry cleaning before you go into the house and let your clothes air out a little bit.

If you work at a dry cleaners, you want to make sure there’s good ventilation.


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