Viral Videos: Anal Tattoos, Skateboarder Hit by Truck & Chubby Bunny


The Doctors: Anal Tattoos Trend

The Doctors showed several startling videos that are all over the Internet. See the skateboarder hit by truck, the Chubby Bunny craze and more. The first is a new trend in town that’s really leaving its mark: anal tattoos.

The Doctors had a video of it but according to Dr. Travis Stork, it was way too disturbing to show. Personally, I’m grateful they made this decision.


The Doctors: Anal Tattoo Risks

Dr. Lisa Masterson said that with the amount of blood vessels that are around that area, you could get hemorrhoids. She wondered how a tattoo would look with a hemorrhoid on it. Probably not too great.

Dr. Stork said that whoever gets these tattoos is engaging in potentially life-harming situations. He was confused about why anyone would do this, because who is really going to see it?

Viral Videos: Anal Tattoos, Skateboarder Hit by Truck & Chubby Bunny

If someone you know starts choking after playing “chubby bunny,” you need to act fast to perform the Heimlich Maneuver and dislodge the stuck object. Or, suggest to your friends to not play chubby bunny in the first place.


Dr. Andrew Ordon said there need to be strict health standards with any tattoo because if you think about it, it’s an invasive procedure. He said the risk for long-term swelling, inflammation and pain is much higher in that area.

Serge Murphy: Skateboarder Hit by Truck

The Doctors’ next guest, Serge Murphy, was hit by a delivery truck while skateboarding, and it was caught on tape.

The Doctors showed the video and Dr. Jim Sears asked what it felt like to be hit by the truck. Serge said it was “like a wrecking ball pretty much.” Miraculously he wasn’t injured.

Serge went flying after he was hit by the truck, and landed sitting upright. He said he couldn’t breathe for awhile and then got up and walked over the the curb to sit and wait for the ambulance to come.

The Doctors: Serge Wasn’t Wearing a Helmet

He was not wearing a helmet when he was hit and for some reason he still doesn’t. Dr. Stork said that they were one in 1000 odds that he walked away from his accident okay, and he should be wearing a helmet now.

Serge said he doesn’t know why he doesn’t wear a helmet, and Dr. Stork asked him what he doesn’t know. He asked him if he thinks he’s invincible since he survived, and Serge said he doesn’t.

Finally, Dr. Stork convinced Serge to start wearing a helmet. Dr. Stork said that he knows for a fact that helmets save lives and brains.

The Doctors: How to Wear Your Helmet the Correct Way

It’s important to wear your helmet the correct way, because if you’re wearing it wrong you’re doing yourself more of a disservice. Dr. Stork said that you want your helmet to be level on your head, and tight enough so that it won’t go anywhere if you fall.

Dr. Stork said to buy a helmet that looks cool, and personalize it or even tattoo it. Dr. Stork told Serge to make helmets look cool so that if the other kids watching him ever get hit by a truck, they won’t die.

The Doctors: Chubby Bunny Can Cause Suffocation

The next video was of the “chubby bunny” craze: stuffing as many marshmallows as possible in your mouth and saying “chubby bunny.”

Dr. Stork said that chubby bunny is dangerous because the more marshmallows you put in your mouth, the further and further towards your airway they’re getting. If one marshmallow gets lodged in your airway, it’s stuck and you can no longer exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen, and you can die.

The Doctors: Heimlich Maneuver How-To

If you see someone choking while playing chubby bunny or any other game, you need to try to dislodge the stuck object. Dr. Stork and Dr. Jim Sears demonstrated how to help someone who is choking.

Dr. Stork said you need to come from behind, make a fist, find their navel and do five abdominal thrusts with your fist. By doing the abdominal thrusts, you’re pushing the diaphragm up which pushes air out of the lungs. This air will launch the object away from your airway.


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