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The Doctors: An Apple A Day

Is there truth to the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Dr. Travis Stork said one study found Apples and Pears can lower your risk of stroke. They are White Fruits, and this study found that eating a medium or large apple had a 52% lower stroke risk than those who don’t.

The Drs: How To Avoid Getting Sick

Author Gene Stone shared health tips from his book, "The Secrets Of People Who Never Get Sick."


Antibiotics Vs Antivirals

A viewer emailed to ask about prescription drugs. With antibiotics, it’s important to finish the full prescribed dosage. But is the same thing true for antiviral medication? Or can you stop taking this if your symptoms have cleared up?

Dr. Jim Sears said the rules are the same for Antivirals and Antibiotics. Don’t stop taking your prescription until all your pills are gone. Stopping them early can cause resistance from viruses and bacteria in your body.

90 Year Old Health Secrets

Bob is 90, and he has some ideas about how he has made it so long. “Exercise, a healthful diet, a good outlook on life, and play golf as much as you can,” Bob said.


The Doctors: The Secrets Of People Who Never Get Sick

Author Gene Stone, whose book inspired today’s show theme, joined The Doctors to talk about what he learned.

Gene said he’s been a health journalist for 25 years, so he knew all the right things to do. Yet he still got sick a few times a year and wondered why other people didn’t. So he asked those people what their strategies were.

Gene said he immersed himself in the secrets of the book, including being “a plant-based eater.” He said he is a committed vegan, so he had trouble with trying the Chicken Soup secret recommended in his book.

Cold Showers & Health

He did try cold showers, and he still does them occasionally because they can have health benefits. Read more about Taking Cold Showers.

Picking Your Nose

Dr. Jim Sears asked what Gene learned about picking your nose. “90% of the people in this audience pick their nose,” he said. There are competing theories about whether this is good for you.

Medical professionals and researchers are divided on the health benefits of picking your nose. Read more about Picking Your Nose.

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