The Revolution: Twitter Shows Happiness Declining & Red Towel Tip


The Revolution: Minimizing Morning Rush

Tim Gunn said he hates the morning rush. He has a suggestion for people who also feel discombobulated when they’re getting ready for the day.

Lay Out Your Clothes

Tim suggested laying out your clothes the night before, including your shoes and accessories.


The Revolution: Twitter Happiness Study

Learn how to take the frantic stress out of your morning routine.

The Revolution: Steam Clothes In The Shower

You can hang your dress or outfit in the bathroom to get a quick steam while you are in the shower.

Put Gym Bag In The Car

Dr. Tiffanie said she got in the habit of putting her gym bag and workout clothes in her car each evening, so she wouldn’t have an excuse not to do her morning run or exercise.


The Revolution: Twitter Happiness Study

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry shared a University Of Vermont study that tracked 4.6 billion tweets on Twitter from 63 million users over the last three years.

Somehow, this study concluded that happiness has dropped over the last few years. I don’t think they did a great job of explaining this study, because I don’t get how they made this connection.

Happiness & Recession

Dr. Tiffanie suggested that not having control of your finances can have negative effects on your mood. Tim Gunn called it unsettling.

Dr. Tiffanie wants people to take control of small parts of their lives so they feel more satisfied with their lives. Harley Pasternak said people who exercise regularly feel happier. According to The Revolution, people with regular fitness routines feel 10-20% happier than those who don’t work out.

The Revolution: Red Towel For Kitchen Emergencies

Do you freak out at the sight of blood? Lots of people do, even some doctors, according to Dr. Jennifer Ashton. She suggested keeping a red towel in the kitchen. That way, if someone has a cut or nosebleed in the kitchen, blood on the towel will have a less alarming contrast, helping keep you calm.

Revolution TV: Comfortable Shoes & Happiness

Harley Pasternak said comfortable shoes can really improve your happiness and help you have a better day. You’re more likely to walk longer and farther when your shoes are comfortable. You may even be more likely to take the stairs instead of the elevator.


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