The Drs: Worst Marriage Proposal Ever + Married To Her Cats


The Drs: Terrible Marriage Proposal Idea

The Drs: Worst Marriage Proposal Ever + Married To Her Cats

The Doctors shared what can easily be called the worst marriage proposal ever, and then discussed the woman who is married to her cats. (elpadawan / flickr)


The Doctors shared that a recent study found at least one in four women have turned down a marriage proposal. In the case of one marriage proposal, everything about the proposal was just plain wrong. One man in Austin, Texas, used a BB gun to kidnap an ex-girlfriend that he reportedly dated for just two months. He drove her blindfolded and handcuffed 400 miles to a bed and breakfast in Kansas. He planned to keep her there for three weeks and then propose.

The woman’s family reported her missing and authorities were able to track them down using the GPS in her phone. The man is now facing jail time. The Doctors pointed out the obvious: this man was crazy! If he is convicted he will face a maximum penalty of life in a federal prison.

The Drs: Marriage Proposal Ideas

Dr Drew Ordon shared that he actually proposed by putting the ring in a dessert that a waiter brought out to his girlfriend. The moral of the story is that going romantic is probably a lot better of a way to propose. Do you have a proposal story that could top that? What’s the worst proposal you’ve ever heard of?


The Drs: Woman Married Her Cats

The Doctors then shared that a beautiful wedding is something just about everyone can enjoy, but one wedding was a bit different. A woman named Barbarella Buchner married her two cats 11 years ago after a breakup. She claims the arrangement has made her happier than a husband ever could.

Dr Ordon joked that they should hook her up with the guy from Texas. Dr Rachael Ross shared that cats can actually make you psychologically happier and improve your mental health, and Dr Travis Stork shared that research has shown that single women sometimes live longer.

Dr Jennifer Ashton said that we’ve had trouble in the United States trying to legalize same-sex marriage and when  you have a story like this, although she’s a pet owner, it runs the risk of trivializing marriage. Dr Stork said good for her, she’s happy.

Are you happy for Barbarella or do you think she’s nuts?

The Drs: UComfy Gel Seat Cushion

The Doctors welcomed lifestyle expert Moll Anderson to their show to share her incredible Doctors’ Deals yet again. Moll started by talking about the UComfy Comfort Gel Seat Cushion. It’s made with memory foam cushioning gel and it helps with your posture. The seat retails for $119, but you can get it for just $44 with the Doctors’ Deal, which is a 63% discount.

The Drs: Cortex Flat Iron

Moll then talked about the Cortex flat iron that comes with a travel case that looks like an evening bag. It also works as a heating pad while you straighten your hair. You would normally pay $200, but you can get it for $45, a 78% discount!

The Drs: Blue & Howell Portable Humidifier

Finally, Moll shared a great deal on a portable humidifier set from Bell and Howell. You can travel with it and it uses a standard-sized water bottle. The steam isn’t hot, so you can use it in your kids’ room too. The product usually retails for $60, but you can get it for just $22, a 63% discount.

The Drs: Yell When You’re In Pain!

The Doctors then shared their prescription of the day which was to yell or curse when you hurt yourself. Research out of Singapore says that vocalizing may help with pain sensors traveling from the brain, distracting you from uncomfortable situations. They tested out how participants could stay in painfully cold water and the participants who were allowed to shout over and over subjectively felt much less pain.

They called it “verbal anesthesia.”


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