The Drs: World Naked Bike Ride & Bright Colors Motivate You to Workout


The Doctors: Bright Neon Colors Motivate You To Work Out

The Drs: World Naked Bike Ride & Bright Colors Motivate You to Workout

Dr. Travis Stork donned his birthday suit for the World Naked Bike Ride and The Doctors explained how certain colors can motivate you to work out.

Fitness fanatics are going to be turning the treadmill in a catwalk soon with all the new sportswear on the market. The Doctors teamed up with Columbia to get some new workout gear and they asked for all the clothes to come in bright neon colors, because studies have shown bright colors can motivate someone to work out.


One study The Doctors talked about suggested that wearing the color red can increase your heart rate and get you excited to move around.

Another study from Cyclist magazine showed that wearing the color green when biking caused the cyclists to exert more energy than when they wore other colors.

ZEMgear Shoes For Working Out

While Lisa Masterson donned a pair of legging muscle pants, Dr. Travis Stork had on a pair of ZEMgear split toe shoes. He explained to the audience split toe shoes are excellent for working out because they keep the foot in the ideal position of function, they support the arches in the feet and they stop the foot from overextending when exercising.


World Naked Bike Ride 2013

From San Francisco to South Africa, cyclists are taking off their clothes and hopping on their bikes to promote the need for more biker safety and to raise awareness about how vulnerable bikers are on the roads of urban areas.

While it may be a clever idea to ride naked to get the attention of people in a certain city, Dr. Stock said it is not easy riding naked and he would know. You can see him riding around naked in the video below. Anyways, he said it was not comfortable, adding that you should always have something between you and the seat.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said the same goes for women. Riding without clothing may lead to chafing and “saddle soreness.”

Chapul Cricket Candy Bars

Chapul candy bars have a secret ingredient in them: crickets. While it may sound really gross to eat crickets, The Doctors said the bars actually tasted pretty good and have lots of healthy benefits as well.

  • Complete protein with all necessary amino acids.
  • High in iron.
  • High in B vitamins.
  • Can lower cholesterol.

The Doctors also said the Chapul bar can help with weight loss as well because it binds with certain fats in the gut which stops the fat from being absorbed.

Now that you know the benefits of eating crickets, would you ever do it? Let us know in the comments.


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