The Drs: Why Hair Hurts & Emergency Room Fatigue


The Doctors: Why Does My Hair Hurt

A woman said that flipping her hair or making a pony tail causes root pain in her hair. Dr. Travis Stork said he notices this phenomenon anytime he wears a baseball cap.

Dr. Jim Sears added that young people often have a sensitivity in this area. They turned to Paul Norton of the Warren-Tricomi Salon for his perspective.


“It’s not actually the hair that’s hurting,” he said. “It’s your scalp that’s hurting.”

The Drs: Hair Pain

If your hair hurts, the cause is probably your scalp. Find out what to do about it.

How To Fix Hair Pain

Paul suggested removing more weight from the hair during your haircut. You could also try bobby pins, headbands, or clips instead of a pony tail.


Scalp massage while washing your hair can get the blood flowing better in your scalp, which is probably why professional shampoo always feels so great.

The Doctors: Gum Infection Pain From Alcohol

A man said that liquor seems to aggravate the pain caused by his gum infection, though other cold liquids don’t bother him.

According to dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman, a gum infection could be similar to an open wound, so of course alcohol would make it worse. He recommended rinsing with water, and seeing a dentist if symptoms worsen.

Dogs With Bad Eyesight

The Doctors answered a question from an aging dog, whose eyesight is worsening over time. Veterinarian Dr. Ruth MacPete explained that vision loss in older dogs is caused by Glaucoma, Cataracts, or Retinal Disorders.

She said that not all eye diseases are treatable, but some can be corrected with surgery or medication. Consult a veterinarian for questions about your dog’s eyesight.

Emergency Room Fatigue

Do you know what to do if you feel that you’re not getting enough attention from your ER doctor? Doctors do work long hours and they can sometimes be overworked. What should you do if you think your doctor isn’t at 100%?

Dr. Travis said workplace fatigue can set in, even for medical professionals. But they are used to the long nights, and they learn to cope. He said he turns to tea for his late hours.

If your health care provider seems to be falling asleep, look them in the eyes and ask them if they are understanding what you have said. Sleep deprivation can affect everyone, even doctors. This is not confidence-inspiring.

The Doctors Couples Competition

Throughout today’s show, The Doctors held a contest between two couples in the audience. Their task was to reveal a health-related image, one puzzle piece at a time.

The first couple was Sierra and Dale. They were competing against Cornelius and Jillian, who chose the first puzzle piece and clue. See if you can figure out what was lurking in The Doctors’ photo.

Skin Health Problem Puzzle

This happens on the largest organ in the body. Cornelius and Julian guessed chicken pox; Sierra and Dale guessed skin blisters.

The largest body organ is Skin, and the answer to this puzzle is heat blisters. They got it on the second guess, so maybe The Doctors need to try a little harder with these questions.

The Drs TV: Riviera Palm Springs

To avoid skin damage and blisters, avoid prolonged, unprotected exposure to heat and sunlight.

Read more about Keeping Skin Healthy.

For ruining The Doctors’ surprise, Sierra and Dale got a reward, but so did Cornelius and Julian. Both couples got a spa vacation getaway to the Riviera in Palm Springs, California.


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