The Drs: Why Do Men Have Nipples & How Does Aspirin Work


The Doctors: Why Do Men Have Nipples

Dr. Kristi Funk said she’s often asked why men have nipples. She explained that Embryoes are based on a female template. It’s not until later that the Chromosomes fall into place and the gender is determined.

The Drs TV: Male Vs Female Nipples

Male and female nipples both respond to stimuli such as temperature. Some men can even Lactate. That has got to be awkward.


The Drs: Male Vs Female Nipples

Men's nipples are very similar to women's nipples, and some can even lactate. Men are also at risk for breast cancer.

Dr. Lisa Masterson reminded everyone that men can also get Breast Cancer, just like women.

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The Doctors: Male Breast Cancer

“Men tend to have larger tumors and more serious cases than women do,” she added.

Male Breast Cancer is typically detected at a later stage than in women, because screening tests and guidelines aren’t well publicized.

Dr. Lisa recommended that men do a self-exam of the chest, to check for unusual moles or lumps. If you find anything abnormal, like a lump, don’t waste any time going to see your doctor, no matter what your gender.

“Know your bodies,” Dr. Travis Stork said.

The Doctors: How Does Aspirin Work

A Twitter user asked The Doctors how Aspirin works to relieve pain in the body. Dr. Travis said that 30 million adults consume between 10 and 20 billion Aspirin tablets annually. He said its function is similar to that of Ibuprofen.

Using an animation, Dr. Travis explained that Pain is perceived by the brain, created by chemicals and enzymes in the body. Aspirin blocks the creation of Enzymes, helping to manage your pain but not actually attacking the root cause.

Aspirin Warning For Kids

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears said children should never be given Aspirin unless specifically instructed by a physician. Use Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen instead for kids.

Aspirin & Heart Health

Dr. Travis said Aspirin also works as an anti-platelet, lowering Heart Disease Risk. Dr. Andrew Ordon said he takes a baby Aspirin daily as part of a heart health regimen.

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Aspirin Hemorrhage Risk

Dr. Andrew said it’s important to make sure your doctor or dentist knows you take Aspirin regularly, before any type of procedure. That’s because the effects of Aspirin could cause Hemorrhaging.

He recommended taking a break from Aspirin two weeks before any elective medical procedure.


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