The Drs: When to Have a Hysterectomy & the Importance of the Spleen


The Doctors: Is Belly Button Useful To Humans?

Have you ever wondered what the belly button is useful for? It is the spot where the umbilical cord was attached, but why is it still there after the umbilical cord is removed?

The Doctors played a game with the audience to see whether they thought different organs and the belly button were useful or useless.


As it turns out, the belly button is useless. The Doctors said it serves no purpose for use after our mothers have given birth to us but it is important to keep the belly button clean. Dr. Andrew Ordon said to use diluted alcohol and a Q-Tip to keep the belly button clean.

Your Sinuses Are Useless

The Doctors also revealed that your sinuses are basically useless as well.


Dr. Andrew Ordon said the air spaces in our head where the sinuses are located offer us a lighter head which makes it easier to hold up our heads, but that is really the only purpose. He speculated that when humans were first evolving, their sense of smell was heightened and the sinuses helped with that heightened sense of smell.

The Doctors said over 40 percent of people report clogged sinuses all year round meaning it is important to keep the sinuses unclogged even if they are useless.

You Can Live Without Your Spleen

The Doctors said it is possible to live without your spleen but the spleen is very useful to the body. Dr. Travis Stork said the spleen is responsible for filtering old red blood cells out of the body and plays a role in fighting infection. When the spleen is removed, the person will still live but they will have a diminished ability to fight infection.

The Doctors noted that years ago doctors would simply remove the spleen if it began bleeding, but now they try to save the spleen if at all possible.

Dangers Of a Hysterectomy

The Drs: When to Have a Hysterectomy & the Importance of the Spleen

The Doctors looked a few body parts, like the spleen and belly button, to determine whether they are useless and gave a woman advice about having a hysterectomy.

Leigh, 33, knows she will never have children and she wanted to know if getting a hysterectomy was a good choice for her. She said uterine cancers run her family as well, so she believes it is a good idea to have her uterus removed before she possibly gets cancer.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said there are a number of ways to perform a hysterectomy but she said this is a major surgery and it needs to be thought of that way. There are many complications that can arise, such as damage to surrounding organs during the surgery or an infection setting in, which means any woman thinking about the surgery needs to consult her doctor long before she wants the surgery done.

Dr. Masterson said choosing the right time can be difficult as well. Most doctors will not want to perform the surgery unless the family history with cancer puts the woman at risk or if a fibroid in the uterus is making the woman bleed so much she becomes anemic, which actually happened to Leigh when she was 26.

Dr. Masterson finished by saying the uterus, which is actually a muscle, has a number of different cancers associated with it. Check out the video below where she shows what a uterus looks like and to hear Dr. Masterson talk a bit more about the cancers that can develop in a uterus.


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