The Drs: What Causes Hot Flashes at 70 & What is a Normal Period?


The Doctors: What Does a Normal Period Look Like?

Jamie has been dealing with a messy problem. When she stopped taking her birth control, her periods became very heavy. They got to the point where Jamie was changing her tampon and panty liner every few hours, she couldn’t wear certain clothes in case the tampon didn’t work and for those three days out of the month when her period is the heaviest she is nervous to go anywhere without a bathroom within a few feet of her. She said sometimes the period is so bad, she loses so much blood she actually begins to feel lightheaded.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton said most doctors will say 60 cc’s of blood loss is normal but how are you going to gauge that? She said it is better to focus on what is not normal and what Jamie is experiencing is not normal.


Dr. Ashton said anyone who is bleeding as much as Jamie is not having a normal period. She also said any woman who has large blood clots in her period should see a gynecologist.

Most Common Reason For a Heavy Period – Polyp Or Fibroid

The most common reason for a large amount of bleeding is either a polyp or a fibroid in the uterine cavity, but do not be nervous. Dr. Ashton said both of those are easy to take care of. You simply need to ask a gynecologist to give you a saline sonogram which will allow them to see if polyps are the reason for the heavy bleeding.


What Causes Hot Flashes?

The Drs: What Causes Hot Flashes at 70 & What is a Normal Period?

The Doctors helped one woman who said her period is so heavy she needs to change her tampon every few hours and a 70-year-old woman with hot flashes.

Judy is 70-years-old and she is getting hot flashes again even though she already went through menopause and she wants to know why.

While Dr. Jennifer Ashton said doctors do not know exactly why hot flashes occur, they have an idea. According to her, about 20 percent of women will experience hot flashes when going through menopause because of the lack of estrogen in the body. When this happens, the blood vessels become dilated, pushing blood closer to the surface of the skin making the person feel extremely hot.

Dr. Ashton guessed Judy was having hot flashes because her doctor took her off hormone replacement pills so quickly. She said it would have been best to slowly stop taking the pills instead of stopping all at once. Although there is no way to reverse those effects now, Dr. Ashton said the good news is hot flashes will not last forever.

How To Reduce Hot Flashes

One of the best ways to reduce hot flashes is by exercising. Studies have shown exercise to be great for blood flow which ultimately leads to reduced hot flashes. Dr. Ashton said acupuncture and yoga have also been shown to reduce hot flashes.

If you are more of the sit at home type, there is a product for you, too. Cool Fronts are little ice pouches you can put anywhere on your body and they only take 20 minutes to re-cool after being used.


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