The Drs: Vaginal Delivery & Birth Weight | Cyst Removal Procedure


The Doctors: Vaginal Birth For Big Babies

An assistant named Jodi brought a bowling ball to The Doctors onstage, with a message that audience member Shannon had a question.

Shannon is eight months pregnant, and she’s “heard that your cervix can stretch to the size of a bowling ball. And my baby’s about to be 10 pounds…at delivery. How in the world am I going to get a baby out?”


The Drs: Vaginal Delivery

The human anatomy is remarkably adaptable, and hip bones can become flexible to accommodate vaginal birth.

The Drs TV: Vaginal Delivery & Hip Bones

Dr. Lisa Masterson said some women’s anatomy can accommodate a 10-pound baby, and your obstetrician should be able to anticipate issues with vaginal delivery.

Your hip bones will actually become soft and pliable near the end of pregnancy. The head is the biggest part of a baby’s anatomy, so as long as that can clear the opening, the baby can emerge successfully.


Dr. Lisa asked Dr. Jim Sears for help with a demonstration. They used a dog training tunnel and Dr. Jim wriggled through it to demonstrate birth, though I’m not sure that answered Shannon’s question at all.

The Doctors: Cyst Removal Procedure

Dr. Andrew Ordon was paged to the procedure room, where Dr. Ordon’s partner, plastic surgeon Dr. Ritu Chopra, was waiting with a 24-year-old patient named Kevin. Kevin had a cyst on his head. Kevin said he’s had the cyst for about 14 years, and he’s ready to be rid of it.

The huge cyst on Kevin’s forehead was gross. Dr. Chopra had already numbed Kevin, and so he got right to work, “making an incision down to the cyst, but not through the wall,” Dr. Andrew explained. Disgusting, but I would want that removed from my forehead as well.

The Drs TV: Sebaceous Cyst Vs Inclusion Cyst

Dr. Andrew held the retractor as Dr. Chopra attempted to remove the entire cyst. Common cysts include Sebaceous Cyst and Inclusion Cyst. The cyst was huge, about the size of an eyeball, but The Doctors managed to remove it in one piece.

Kevin said he felt great about having it removed, and couldn’t wait to see his new forehead in a few days. He didn’t want to see it immediately though, because he knew there was a giant bloody gash there, where his doctors had just pulled out that gnarly giant cyst.


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