The Drs: Ultrasound Male Birth Control & Aqua Spinning Workout


The Doctors: Ultrasound Male Birth Control

The Doctors got the scoop on the hot topic of a new form of birth control…for men! Dr. Jen Berman explained that doctors and apply a high frequency ultrasound to the testicles. This will lower or hinder sperm count in men.

The good news for women is this could mean an end to the daily birth control pill regimen. But Dr. Jen said this is not yet available in the United States.


The Doctors: Aqua Cycling

The Doctors explained how the Aqua Cycling fitness craze benefits people who have joint, muscle, and back pain.

The Drs TV: Vasectomy Vs Ultrasound Male Birth Control

Dr. Lisa Masterson said that, unlike a Vasectomy procedure, this process is not permanent. However, it is still unavailable in America for now.

Dr. Travis said his concern is that some sperm could survive, and wondered how effective this procedure is. He also questioned whether the technology could lead to birth defects or other unforeseen complications.


Male Birth Control Alternatives

“This is in the research stages,” Dr. Lisa said. “It’s only been done in rats. They have smaller testicles.”

Other alternatives for male contraceptives could include Testosterone treatment. Dr. Lisa said more options are good for everyone.

Just wait a couple weeks until The Doctors get around to birth control being in the headlines.

Can You Tell A Woman Is Menstruating From Her Voice?

The Doctors talked about whether a woman’s voice can give away whether she is menstruating.

Dr. Lisa mentioned a recent study that observed changes in a woman’s voice. Dr. Travis explained that the survey sample included 10 women, who counted to five at various times during their Menstrual Cycle.

Researchers were only able to predict who was Menstruating 35% of the time, so this sounds like a failure. Dr. Andrew Ordon said he thinks he could tell by voice content, because of the hormonal effects of Menstruation.

The Doctors: Menstruating Voice Test

Dr. Lisa said you have a better chance of figuring it out based on women’s moods or eyes. Dr. Travis put the audience to the test, playing different recordings of a woman’s voice. Dr. Andrew and Dr. Jim Sears incorrectly guessed that the woman was on her period in the first recording, but Dr. Travis correctly predicted that it was during the second recording.

What a weird experiment. This type of story makes me question the validity of some of the research studies they are so quick to quote on this show.

The Doctors: Aqua Spinning Workout

Dr. Jim went to Cal-a-Vie Health Spa to try out a new exercise trend, Aqua Spinning. It’s like Spin Class, but in a pool. This sounds kind of awesome. That would exhaust you, I’m sure.

He explained that the water creates more resistance, but since you are more buoyant, it’s easier on your joints. He recommended it for people with Arthritis, Back Pain, and other muscle or joint problems.

“The pedals were attached to a flywheel that had pedals on it,” Dr. Jim explained.

Aqua Cycling Workout Benefits

Dr. Travis asked how different it was from regular cycling, and Dr. Jim said it felt much differently because your weight isn’t bearing down on the bicycle. “Just the stress on your joints is a lot less than a regular bike,” he said.

“Water based activities are better in general for people who suffer from chronic joint pain and back pain,” Dr. Travis said.

This sounds like a great workout, and I hope that it catches on so we can all try it. I wish more gyms had pool access.


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