The Drs: Twins In Two Uteruses & Helping Toddlers Deal With Babies


The Doctors: Double Uterus Pregnancy

A Florida woman recently gave birth to twins. That’s a relatively rare story, but her case is unique. The twins were born from two separate uteri (that’s plural for uterus, so consider this your grammar lesson for the day). It’s a one in 5 million chance.

Andreea gave birth to Natalie and Nathan, who are now two months old. She discovered in 2007 that she had one kidney and two uteri. She was able to get pregnant in 2008, and already had a daughter. For this second pregnancy, she discovered that she was about to have twins, one in each of her uteri.


The Drs: Twins In Two Uteri

Twins were born from two separate uteri in a rare case out of Florida.

The Drs: Uterine Didelphys

Andreea and her husband Miguel joined The Doctors for an exclusive interview. She is thankful that both her babies were born healthy. Dr. Lisa Masterson said her condition of double uteri is called Uterine Didelphys, which occurs in about one out of 2,000 women.

Andreea was shocked to learn about her second pregnancy, and she was concerned about the viability of the pregnancy. She said it was scary, but she didn’t have any problems, working up to her 35th week.


The Doctors: Double Uterus Birth

Dr. Patricia St. John, Andreea’s obstetrician, joined the show via Polycom. Dr. Travis Stork asked Dr. St. John if this was her first delivery of twins from different uterui. “It certainly is, and it will probably be the only one,” she said.

Dr. St. John talked about the differences between Andreea’s delivery, and a typical birth of twins. “Because of the Placenta Previa that she had on the right side, we opted to open the left uterus first and leave the uterus unsewn, so it was bleeding while we went to get the second baby out very quickly,” she said.

The Drs TV Show: Placenta Previa

Dr. Lisa explained that Placenta Previa is a condition where the Placenta moves in front of the Cervix. In a Cesarean section delivery, there is a way around this, but it does cause a lot of bleeding. Dr. Lisa said Andreea had excellent care to deal with all her medical challenges.

The Doctors: Uterine Anomalies

Dr. Lisa explained Uterine Anomolies. The typical anatomy features a uterus, connected to the Ovum, which produces eggs. When fertilized with Sperm, one baby begins to grow in the Uterus. In a case with two Uteri, you have two tubes that split the space of a single uterus.

There are many medical variations on this condition. “You can have two cervix. You can have two vaginas. You can also have double bladder and other parts of the renal system,” Dr. Lisa said.

With Uterine Didelphys, Andreea was able to develop a baby in both uteri. She had a successful and healthy delivery.

The Doctors TV Show: Twins

Andreea said she thinks her twins may not be as connected as typical twins, since they developed in separate uteri. She said raising twins is a lot more work, and you need two of everything you would need for a single child.

Dr. Travis introduced twins Nathan and Natalie for their first appearance on national TV. Natalie was wide awake and smiling, while Nathan was sleepy.

Andreea said they have been adjusting to life with infant twins. Miguel said they tried to sleep when the twins did, but the babies tend to take turns sleeping, keeping their parents busy around the clock.

How To Help Older Kids Deal With Newborns

Andreea said their two-year-old is jealous, because the babies are getting more attention. She asked Dr. Jim Sears for advice about how to handle this typical sibling rivalry.

One On One Time

Dr. Jim said there are strategies to make the older sibling feel special. “Make sure she still gets her one-on-one time with one of you every single day, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes,” Dr. Jim suggested. Activities could include a walk or a bedtime story.

Caretaking Role

He also recommended giving her a role in taking care of the twins. Kids love to help, so you can get them involved in diaper changes or other care activities.


Stash Big Sister or Big Brother presents in a closet. That way, you can avoid jealousies when visitors bring gifts for the new arrivals.

The Drs: Potty Training

Andreea said they’re struggling with how to Potty Train their two-year-old, who is regressing to more baby-like behavior. Dr. Jim said this is normal, and understanding that can help. He said you shouldn’t put too much pressure on toddlers when you’re potty training.

He recommended using Potty Training as a reward for a birthday, to get your child excited about it instead of being afraid or self-conscious. You could also set a timer at regular intervals, to get toddlers used to the idea of going to the bathroom.

Read more Potty Training Advice from Dr. Jim Sears.

The Drs: Munire Furniture, G Diapers & Baby Earth

Dr. Travis surprised the family with a few gifts. Munire Furniture gave the couple two cribs and a dresser. G Diapers contributed a year’s supply of eco-friendly diapers. The family also received a $1,000 gift card to the Baby Earth store.

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