The Drs: TranquilEyes, Liquipel Waterproof Phone & Potty Putter


The Doctors: Baby Teeth Stem Cells

Your mom may have saved a few of your baby teeth for posterity, but now physicians like Dr. Nina Gray are saving those teeth for science. You can harvest stem cells from them, which could one day be useful in treating serious medical conditions.

Dr. Travis Stork said stem cells are immature cells that can turn into any type of body tissue. Dr. Jim Sears said the stem cells in baby teeth are different than the ones we’re familiar with from news reports, and at a cost of $600 per tooth, this process might not be worth the investment since its applications are still being studied.


The Drs: Waterproof Cell Phone

You can coat your cell phone, inside and out, to prevent it from accidental water damage or spills.

The Drs TV: Does Stress Cause Constipation

Can stress and anxiety lead to trouble passing waste in the bathroom? A viewer wants to know if their high stress job could be causing trouble going to the restroom. Dr. Travis said anxiety can cause constipation.

The body has both Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems. The Sympathetic Nervous System is attuned to your Fight Or Flight response, and when that is engaged, it can be lead to constipation. The Parasympathetic Nervous System handles relaxed activities, like rest and digestion.


How To Relax The Colon

Overcoming stress-related bowel problems is all about finding a way to relax. Maybe you’ve heard of reading the newspaper in the bathroom, but what about dragging your computer in there? No thank you; I have heard all about the Dangers Of Fecal Spray.

The Doctors: Potty Putter Review

Dr. Andrew Ordon demonstrated a way you can practice putting while on the toilet. It’s called the Potty Putter, and it goes in front of the toilet, giving you an opportunity to practice your short game while you take care of business.

Dr. Travis Stork said you don’t want to sit and strain for long periods of time, even if you are working on your golf game. If you really want to play golf while going #2, or have someone in your life who would love a good golf gag gift, this may be worth the investment. Click here to purchase the Potty Putter.

The Doctors: Botox For Constipation

I swear, The Doctors will use Botox for anything. In addition to cosmetic applications, they can use it to Reduce Your Facial Sweating and for Treating Stroke Victims. Now, Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that you can have Botox injected into your anal canal to relax your sphincter muscles. That sounds like an unpleasant procedure, not to mention I’d be concerned about muscles in that area getting too relaxed.

The Doctors: Liquipel Waterproof Phone

Dropping your phone in the toilet is a nightmare, especially if you don’t have insurance on it. But now there are products that can help you safeguard your valuable electronics from water damage.

Dr. Jim Sears used this coating on his own cell phone, which was submerged in water and is still working fine. He explained that it has a coating 1,000 times thinner than a human hair, so it’s obviously invisible to the naked eye.

Liquipel Review

Liquipel coats the entire device, inside and out, to prevent water from penetrating any part of the phone. This will protect against spills or accidental drops in the sink or toilet.

To demonstrate how Liquipel works, Dr. Travis showed a tissue that was coated in Liquipel. He squirted water at the tissue, and it just bounced right off, without getting the tissue wet at all.

Learn more about waterproofing your phones with Liquipel at

The Doctors: TranquilEyes Puffy Eye Review

TranquilEyes by Eye Echo is a new gadget that can help you reduce your puffy eyes. Puffy eyes can be caused by overuse of salt or allergies. TranquilEyes are goggles that you put over your eyes. They can be frozen and used as a cold compress or heated to provide relief from red eyes.

Learn more about Chronic Red Eye SurgeryClick here to purchase TranquilEyes by Eye Echo.


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